Timeless Haven is Zelda Universe’s official fangame and the dev team has been hard at work as always. We’ve almost completed design for all the dungeons and key locations in the game and will soon begin to actually construct those locations in-game. These are of course things you won’t see for quite some time and we felt like we wanted to show our appreciation for everyone who’s helped us by playing, leaving feedback and especially those who have taken the time to record their playthroughs.

So, as a thank you – we’ve made a mini-game for you (only works for Windows). You can download it right here. It’s really straight-forward. Link starts in a building (and there’s no way out). You can talk to the mini-game guy for rules and be sure to visit him after the round is over to see your score. To start the mini-game, just head straight into the room above the starting room and enjoy!

For details, previous demos, leaving feedback and information about how you can join the development team, head on over to our forums:

Official Timeless Haven Thread