Well it’s been a while, hasn’t it, Universe? I am Rusty, back again with a brand new Music Monday! This week we will focus on two of my favourite things: Lost Woods, and Majora’s Mask! First up, I found an awesome orchestrated arrangement of “The Lost Woods” from Link to the Past, and then to close this Music Monday off, a phenomenal guitar cover of “Clock Town’s Theme” from Majora’s Mask.

You can hit the jump below to hear both of these songs, and my respective thoughts on each!

YouTuber and musician Xtremethomas is an extremely (pardon the pun) talent remixer, and I am a fan of his work. I always love hearing people’s remixes or arrangements of the various “Lost Woods Themes” from the various Zelda games, and this one knocked my socks off. Short, but sweet, I give this fantastic orchestration my Music Monday thumbs up, and I eagerly look forward to more Zelda music from Xtremethomas!

Here on ZeldaUniverse we have seen, and shared our fair share of Zelda guitar covers, but this one takes the cake in my humble opinion. A fantastic cover from jam2995 is welcome among my favourite Zelda music covers, and I’m glad he decided to share it with us! I can’t even begin to imagine how much practicing that took, and how much editing that video took. I highly suggest a visit to his channel if you are interested in more of his music, because it’s all great!

Well that wraps up this installment of Music Monday, but make sure to check back again next Monday for a special Holiday themed Music Monday!