Usually, the wooden shield is the weakest, least durable starter shield in Zelda games. In reality, however, it seems that the material can forge one the coolest Zelda-inspired crafts ever!

Deviantart user clefrayearth used his father’s wood workshop to create a life-size replica of the Hylian Shield. He has also posted additional images showing different steps of the creation process. Hit the jump to check them out!

Not satisfied with creating a simple flat template, he even went to the effort of curving the shield by gluing two pieces of hardboard together and, while it was drying, used two clamps and a shim. For the color, he used bitumen (a liquid that can be used for painting wood) and contact paper for the bird shape.

The end result is very impressive. Now he just needs a Master Sword to go with it!

Source: DeviantArt
Via: Zelda Dungeon