Last week we told you about GameTrailers’ new series, “Timeline.” A trailer revealed that the first episode would explore The Legend of Zelda’s timeline. That episode is now available, right here!

It’s pretty long, clocking in at 40 minutes. But after watching the whole thing, I heartily recommend that it’s well worth your time. Even if you are already extremely knowledgeable regarding Zelda’s chronology, it is well worth a watch for the fantastic editing, wonderful music, incredibly in-depth analysis and great narrating.

There may just be at least one tidbit of Zelda’s history that you’re currently unaware of, and if so, chances are GT has covered it. I’m sure you’ll all be extremely disappointed to hear, however, that the CD-i games are not covered. I can’t fathom why. Just how do these canonically important games fit into the official timeline? I must know!

GameTrailers has clearly gone all-out for this series, and I’m eagerly anticipating future episodes. Your thoughts?