A couple of months ago, GameTrailers announced a new series that they will be exclusively producing named Timeline. The aim of the show is to chronologically explore the plotlines and story details in popular video game franchises. So, what better way to kick-start such a project with one of the most vastly narrative and diverse series around?

GT have released a wonderfully edited trailer of the upcoming episode, capturing the majority of the Zelda games in the length of one minute. See for yourself!

Back in their introduction to Timeline, GameTrailers explained:

“Timeline is a new series that will cover the story element of video games. It’s not about the individual games, but the entire series. This has drawn comparisons to one of our other features, the Retrospectives. Timeline will only cover the narrative of a gaming series; we will not be going in-depth about the development history, what made each game special, or their legacy.”

If you have not yet looked into the official timeline from the Japanese Hyrule Historia book, the website states that the Zelda episode will be split into two parts, with the second part exploring this very same timeline.

“In regards to the first episode about the Zelda timeline, we’re approaching it in two parts. The first part will cover the games in their release order and explaining how each game impacted the overall timeline. The goal is to convey how the timeline changed over the years, which should help illustrate just why it was so confusing. The second part will reveal the official timeline as stated by Nintendo in the Hyrule Historia along with the explanations for why certain games occur when they do.”

If you missed the teaser trailer for Timeline two months ago, here it is:

For anyone dying of anticipation of Hyrule Historia’s US and European release, this might be an interesting watch. The site claims that this new project will be one of their most ambitious features yet, with multiple editors pouring hard work and lots of time into it. While many fans on Zelda Universe will likely have extensive knowledge of the franchise’s chronology already, at the very least it sounds like it will be a professionally crafted video.

The Legend of Zelda episode of Timeline will release next week on Thursday, 29th November. Will you be checking it out?

Source: GameTrailers
Via: GoNintendo