You think you have seen it all. Zelda binders, Zelda play rooms, and Zelda Minecraft. Well, here is one more item to add to an ever growing list of everyday items receiving a Zelda theme. That’s right. A Zelda PC case in the shape of a treasure chest.

If you are a fan of stylish PC cases, you will definitely want to hit the jump to view the pictures.

The credit for the work of art you are about to view goes to Redditor Slash_Fury. Apparently, it has a couple of bells and whistles, almost literally, that go along with its stunning design. When the lid is opened, yellow lights inside the case turn on. Also, the well known ‘open the treasure chest’ chime from the game accompanies the lights. If that is not inspirational, then I don’t know what is. Check out the pictures below and stare in awe at this piece of equipment that is most assuredly awakening feelings of jealousy within me.

Source: Reddit
Via: Zelda Dungeon