Hey there, Universe! It’s been ages since the last Music Monday, but I am back with a special Halloween Edition! Today, we focus on some spooky stuff–no tricks, no treats, just scary Zelda music. Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess are just about as spooky as you can get, and today as a treat, there are not two songs to share–but four! Two from Twilight Princess, and two from Majora’s Mask!

One of the great things about the Zelda series (or really any series of video games) is that along with happy-fun-times adventuring, the world has some scary things in it, like a crazy-Yeti-lady who transforms into a crazy-frozen-yeti-lady, or cauliflower and wicker furniture. When you go out into the world, be it on an adventure, or on your way to Wal-Mart, something somewhere will probably freak you out. Scary stuff can be a blast of fun, and music can set the stage for a good scare.

Hit the jump, and be prepared… for you just may end up scared!

ElectricNavi is a friend of mine, and his music is always amazing. “Song of Healing” is just about as iconic in video game music as you can get, and I absolutely love this remix. “Song of Healing” is an amazing piece of music, if not because it’s pretty, it would be because it can mean something different to anybody. Sometimes when I listen to it, I think it’s kind of spooky–and other times, it feels sad to me. For this creative feat in Zelda remixing, I give ElectricNavi my Music Monday seal of approval for this week!

A round of applause for remixing-superhero, Sonicwave1000, ladies and gentlemen! The Snowpeak Ruins were among my favourite locations in Twilight Princess, if not for the ambient and spooky background music, for freaking Yetis. Yes, I said Yetis, and one of them is a nut-ball. Blizzeta is an incredibly cool boss, and one of my favourite boss fights in the entire Zelda series. Her theme is pretty amazing, and suits her, and her frosty domain perfectly. Thank you, Sonicwave1000!

I don’t know about you, but the Faron Woods in Twilight Princess freaked the living heck out of me when I first played the game. The music is so eerie, and you just get the feeling that something is going to jump out and kill you with your own sword. This spooky remix was done by YouTuber BoydTheMilkman, who I think nailed this song!

ClefferNotes on YouTube has made something incredible with this remix. And I’m so happy to share it with you all! As far as scary Zelda, you can’t get much better than Majora’s Mask, and this is a fantastic improvement on an already amazing song.

Have a fun, safe, and happy Halloween! And let us know in the comments: which remix did you like best? Which Zelda game do you think is the scariest? Thanks for reading, make sure to check back next week for another Music Monday!