Whether you’re a fan of Skyrim, Zelda, or preferably both, you will definitely want to check this out! With the release of a recent mod in the PC version of Skyrim, one crafty modder has taken it upon himself to recreate The Wind Waker’s Windfall Island within the world of Skyrim.

Interested? Keep reading to learn more, see more photos, and watch a video walk through of the work in progress!

Uploaded by Steam user Lost Image, this rendition does an excellent job of rendering Windfall Island’s physical properties, but Skyrim’s graphic system lacks the charm of  The Wind Waker. Lost Image gives this description:

This is a recreation (with some artistic liberties taken) of Windfall island from the Legend of Zelda : The Windwaker for Nintendo Gamecube.
The island itself is situated just north of Dawnstar but for ease of traval you can quick travel to it but using the console command “coc windfall” without the quotation marks or use the location marker in the in game map to fast travel.

Moving on to other projects, Lost Image passed this one onto his friend konniksanders to fix bugs and add new content to more accurately represent Windfall.

If you have a Steam account and own a PC copy of Skyrim, this would make a great mod for any Zelda fan to own. You can grab your download here.

After pulling the Master Sword, Link aged forty years and developed wrinkles.

Inside the potion shop

A view from Link’s Loftwi—dragon

Got Sail?

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Skyrim is an appropriate environment to merge and create Zelda aspects? Be sure to voice your opinions below!

Source: Steam Workshop (via examiner