Many of us here at Zelda Universe are upset that the only Zelda news we got was about the minigame in Nintendo land. Even so, in a discussion with Entertainment Weekly, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed some things about what a Wii U Zelda would feature.

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But really what we continue to ask ourselves as we have over the years is, “What is the most important element of Zelda if we were to try to make a Zelda game that a lot of people can play?”

This phrase describes Shigeru Miyamoto’s mindset of the recent and next Zelda games. While we didn’t see a brand new Zelda game this year, Miyamoto is currently experimenting with several different ideas with the Zelda series until he discovers what would appeal to a larger audience.

In addition, Miyamoto is looking at the idea of removing motion control gameplay. This feature was neat in Skyward Sword, but it caused some players to stop and quit the game. With the new controller being more focused on hardcore gameplay, Miyamoto is looking to return to a classic style of Zelda gameplay, that which the fans and newcomers would enjoy.

So, are you happy for a classic approach to Zelda? Are you excited for HD graphics? Tell us what you think below.

Source: Entertainment Weekly (via My Nintendo News)

  • kierstan

    Wow he looks really creepy.

    • X_factor

      That was not a wise thing to say…

      • Trikeboy

        Agreed, Shigeru Miyamoto is a gaming genius that shaped the way everybody plays games today whether it is on a Nintendo console or not. He practically saved the gaming industry himself . He deserves respect.

    • zelda

      don't worry i thought it was funny 🙂

  • zeldafan1982

    Well that's a bit disappointing. I think motion plus was a plus for Zelda even if it wasn't perfect.

  • lozjunkie

    I breathed a sigh of relief when he said that they could remove motion controls. I personally didn't like Skyward Sword's motion controls, so I'm glad he wants to switch back to traditional controls.

    • Heriod77777

      Fuck you dumbass. Sorry but I just have to say I loved the motion controls. Especially when they work well with a game, like Skyward Sword. I just hate all the people like you saying you don't like the controls and quit the game because of it. All those people have no reason to do it and are idiots. Yeah thumb me down all you want those that don't like how I use those bad words but let it be true there is no fucked reason why anyone should not like motion controls.

      • Nick

        I didn't like it because I'm left handed and was forced to use my right. Maybe fixing that and then I'd actually enjoy it and want to see another with motion controls. SO yeah, I'm entitled to say the game sucked.

        • Heriod77777

          Then maybe you should learn how to be good with both hands. The game sucks because of that? That better be some sort of joke, if you were right handed you would never dare go toward that opinion.

        • Eric

          I'm also left handed… Game worked fine for me.
          Just a little annoyed that Link isn't a lefty anymore. But the game control itself wasn't a problem at all.

      • ThatGuy

        So basically you are saying that a person isn't allowed to have an opinion on the controls of a game? you are just a bigot that defends anything even if it is flawed.

        • Heriod77777

          No, I am just saying that they should at least have a good reason. Being left handed or fat and weak are not good reasons.

          • ThatGuy

            It doesn't matter if you are fat or weak but Left handed is a fine reason because it just feels awkward to the player. I personally had no issues with the controls but I do enjoy that classic Zelda gameplay

          • DarkOwl

            Are you seriously suggesting that not enjoying a game because it's frustrating to control is a bad excuse? If the greatest challenge of a game was to get to grips with the controls, then that would be one lousy game to the person struggling. People only play games for fun. Where's the fun in struggling to actually participate?

      • Zldamstr

        Well, to each his own. Everyone has a right to their own opinion regarding this. I personally loved the controls and never really had any significant problems with them at all. Whether the new zelda is motion controlled or not, it'll still be a well thought out game.

      • David Wevill

        We're not thumbing you down because of the swearing, it's because you're getting angry at someone for disliking a game. Just because you liked the motion controls, doesn't mean everyone else has to.

        • ThatGuy

          That is exactly what I am saying.

      • lozjunkie

        I didn't like the motion controls because they were slow and unresponsive; I can name many instances where I've been defeated purely because of the controls, especially around those dang beamos. Of course, this is my opinion. Have a nice day.

        • Heriod77777

          ….? ( Its night time.) They are not unresponsive, they are too responsive. I move my sword from vertically to horizontally too quick and it assumed I was attacking. The ONLY possible way to have it unresponsive is to be very slow, or your batteries are half dead.

          • ChainofTermina

            after reading all of your comments, I have come to the conclusion that you are, without a doubt, a self-centered idiot.

            good bye.

          • lozjunkie

            Listen dude, I'm gonna be honest here; I absolutely hate motion controls. The only reason I actually bought Skyward Sword is because I'm a hardcore Zelda fan, as you can see by my username. Yes, while the game was for the most part enjoyable, the motion controls just killed it for me, so I'm glad that Miyamoto doesn't want motion controls for the next game. Oh and by the way, it was daytime where I live when I typed it in, so yeah. Have a nice day. 🙂

          • lozjunkie

            Oh, and just to add on to what I wrote, I don't like Motion Controls because I have Parkinson's Syndrome, which basically means my hands shake uncontrollaby and there's pretty much nothing I can do about it. So, yeah… That's why I hate motion controls.

          • Heriod77777

            Well, I have a problem with button controls. You see, after playing the amazing Skyward Sword. I started playing AoL, Loz, ALttP. Very great games, just the control gets annoying. 1. My controller is broken and moves in one direction at the worst possible times. 2. I know this may seem like a stupid reason but I am not using a N64 controller or NES controller. But I don't hate the games. As that would be stupid to hate them for that reason.

          • zelda4ever

            They didn't hate the game, just the controls. No where in the original comment did they say they hated the game. Just the controls. Like you just did. Hypocrite.

  • Mark

    If they go back to a classic Zelda approach with the Wii U, then they've sold it to me already

  • Storm

    I think it's great that they want to take a step back to the more classic zelda, i mean Skyward Sword were good but.. it could never compete with my feelings towards Majora's mask and Ocarine of time

  • The Banker's Nephew

    Loved the Motion Plus controls, and thought they were a perfect fit for it, but if it'll stop people whining I'm okay with their removal. I really hope they pull a Wind Waker and show a new and interesting art style (or heck, just the Wink Waker art style) the next time we see the game. If it's realistic I might not want to pick it up.

    • Heriod77777

      I personally like the controls, but why are there people that don't like motion controls. Just let them die for there laziness and idiotic notions. I love them to death, I hate every person that didn't enjoy notion controls.

      • X_factor

        Dude, Who do you think you are? Stop telling people what they should think. They, just like ourselves, have the ability to make up their own minds. I personally loved the motion controls as well, but even though I loved them so much, I couldn't shake the feeling as if the game was relying too heavily on them. I have no problem letting Nintendo do what they do best, making great games, and if they want to step back a little let them. And don't you dare call me lazy for having an opinion, you know nothing about me.

        • Heriod77777

          I am not going against Nintendo, I am going against unreasonable ways. The only reason people hate them so much is because they walk around while using them making the aim not work and the sword slashes odd. You should always stand up and not sit around on the couch anyways. Why would someone want to hate something so good. Its their fault the way they played that made them NOT fun.

  • zeldafan1982

    Oops, I meant motion control.

  • Anthony

    Oh yes, that's very good news. I'm one of those people who quit "Skyward Sword", because the motion control became so tedious after a while. So I can only approve of returning to normal controls.

  • VanitasXII

    Removing motion controls, believe it or not, would be a good thing from Miyamoto's viewpoint. If he wants to appeal to the largest audience, he has to have a control scheme that works for everyone. Motion controls aren't perfect, as evidenced in their needing calibration at the bootup of SS every single time. Obviously some players had trouble with them (not me). Going back to the classical button scheme would do wonders for the audience.

    Sure, button controls may not be the most fun, but from a developer's viewpoint, it is probably the best course of action.

    • Heriod77777

      I wish they would do both, just that it would be more of a challenge in motion controls and easy for those lazy dumbasses that keep whining to make them selves feel good about it but just make it worse.

      • Eddy

        At first I thought this would be too hard to develop, since the motion controls in Skyward Sword were built into the way you played the game, like slashing enemies at a certain angle, but I realized that you could use the second analog stick on the Wii U gamepad to slash the sword in different directions and push it in to lunge forward

        • Heriod77777

          Or that. Its still epic either way.

  • midnas silly hat

    i think that they can mess with controls so0 long as they keep the mid game cut scenes where after all of your hard work you believe you have won but then the bad guy destrous everything you work for in a single move it makes you connect with the characters and to defeat the bad guy

  • gudfredur

    I know I'm in the minority, but I will miss the motion controls if they go. They weren't that amazing in Skyward Sword, but conceptually they are still much more fun that simple button-pressing. Nintendo did a clever thing introducing motion controls so I want to see them get better, not be abandoned by their original proponents!

    The best solution is to make motion controls optional. In fact, I think it's a good idea in general to give gamers more options in what controllers to use and what button mappings they like. I mean, with so many peripherals, why not?

    • Heriod77777

      I know, why is there so many haters and idiots? I love the motion controls, couldn't they include it with the game too? more work but gives better preference. I have a feeling this will be good Zelda game but not very great. Its all fucked up now because of those whining demons. ( I say demons because they have no reason to hate them. There really isn't.) I hate them all no matter what!

      • Legend

        Uh, sorry to burst your bubble of hatred, but some people hate the motion controls for uncontrollable reasons, like, for example, the fact there is no lefty option.

        Another thing. If Nintendo is going to add a functionality like that, it SHOULD be optional. Some people don't want to be forced to swing their arms up and down to play a game. The point of the game is to enjoy it, and not everybody finds enjoyment like that. Some people prefer the buttons as an option.

        Everybody is different. An easy fix for all of this is to include BOTH controls options in the next game. I'm not sure how easy that is, but I know it can be done.

  • skyward89

    its not the motion controls thats the problem its the player and how they set their wii up Skyward Sword was an amazing game and i hope they dont go back to the classic Zelda controls. With the motion plus link became more alive and not so much like a robot, that made me and many many others i know that played and loved the game love the game! finaly link becomes more human and just by freeing up his arms. But i will admit that classic Zelda controls are what everybody knows and loves and god forbid should nintendo try new things. what ever they choose i'll buy and play and most likley absolutly love ^_-

  • randall

    First off, I had as much problems with SS as I've had with any PS3 move game. You have to calibrate where you are. If you move, you have to recalibrate it, so it wasn't just he Wii's fault. I loved Skyward Sword, and thought the motion controls really made the game.

    If I was in charge, I don't see what the big deal would be to program TWO control method options into the game: Motion and Controller. Twilight Princess was released for both the Wii and Gamecube, so it had two different control schemes, why not the next game?

    For those of us that love and can use the Motion Control, don't punish us. For people that are having problems during the game, they can switch on the fly back to the controller. It would be the same game, just different for different players.

    As far as mentioning MM or OOT, if they could go back and give those games Motion Controls, I would play that in a heartbeat. It was the characters, the stories, and even the graphics that made those games special, not the controls.

    Hope someone at Nintendo is listening, if not, I truly think they are going backwards instead of forward.

    • Heriod77777

      You are saying a really smart thing. I hate using buttons, I got ALttP, AoL, LoZ and it was not enjoyable with the controlling for me. I love those games but they don't add up to Skyward Sword.

  • tony ruiz

    they should make another four swords for the wii u

  • PKGaming

    Seriously, I thought the motion controls in Skyward Sword worked just fine. If someone actually had to quit the game because they couldn't handle swinging the Wiimote in certain directions well…that's kinda sad in my opinion. :/ They could've gone waaay deeper into the motion controls than they did, but they had a good balance.

    • Heriod77777

      It is sad. Its also very stupid and proves how dumb those ignorant people are. Oh yes, you can't spell ignorant without IGN! The people over there just hate Nintendo.

      • PKGaming

        But they gave Skyward Sword a perfect 10…

    • Prada

      the thing is that they were far from perfect.

      • TheMaverickk

        Worked perfectly for me. Every single time.

    • Charlotte

      I just got bored with it and quit.
      Which still surprises me.

    • Legend

      Keep in mind not everybody can play the game like you can. Some people have disorders or other problems that can't control that prevent them from playing well; even something as simple as the no-lefty option.

  • saint_tails_09

    Right now I am imagining that wonderful shirtless Link scene from Twilight Princess in HD.. Yepp, that would be nice. Very nice.

  • SS was a nice game and I enjoyed motion control, but for games as long a s Zelda you get tired rapidly and reluctant to replay it.

    Two Zelda games using Motion control are more than enough for us to enjoy when we feel like we need a real fight. But from now one how about a new focus? or just a safe return to basics either way I'm looking forward to the next Zelda title, it's gonna be awesome like every single one to the day.

  • lulles

    I don't really mind if they remove the motion controls. Yes, I loved them on SS, but I can see Miyamoto's point of view.

  • Jake

    I am kinda glad that he won't use motion controls. I liked them in skyward sword and thought they were cool. But I would like to just return to the couch and be a bum when playing video games.

    • Heriod77777

      This is the kind of people I am talking about.

      • Legend

        What's wrong with being a bum when playing video games? >.>

  • Lynk

    What the hell is "the jump"??

    • Heriod77777

      I never understood that either lol. It does seem odd to call it 'the jump.'

      • kaiser13576

        The "jump" refers to the link that brings users to the full content of the story. So it's as if you were jumping to a new URL.

    • X_factor

      Most people, like myself, usually catch the news when they check their facebook accounts. But if you go to the Zelda Universe home page, you'll see the first couple of sentences and then "hit the jump" which is an icon you would hit to read the rest of the article.

  • Amanda

    I didn't have a problem with motion controls but usually when I'm playing a game i like to relax and not have to worry about sitting in the right position or swinging the remote all the time, it was fun for a bit but kind of got old quickly. Twilight princess was better with the classic controller. I think it would be a good idea for them to have the option of motion controls or the classic controls, and the ability to switch them at any time while playing the game. But if there is only one option I would pick classic. So that they can focus more on the actual game and not so much on the controls. It's smart to do what the majority of people want when your looking for sales.

  • og nation

    i want a multiplayer option, offline and online would be great 2-4 players ideally. instead of having 4 Links doing the same role/ability/etc have a few of his friend/sidekicks available to help in the adventure, with their own unique theme. i loved motion controls they added to the experience, would be great to have motion or normal controls option for those that want basic style. i prefer the twilight princess graphical style, no more wind waker kiddie stuff thank you. skyward sword graphic style not bad.

    • Heriod77777

      Wind Waker was NOT kiddie. It was serious, deep, and had many adult like situations. Skyward Sword didn't have bad graphics, it had greasy art style. I love both games though.

  • lsda

    For me, after SS any console Zelda where I will have press a button to smash the enemies will be considered dated so I will skip it until it reaches the 20USD price tag.

    • Charlotte

      That's stupid.
      I hate motion controls, but I'll still buy Zelda is I can afford it.

      • Heriod77777

        HE OR SHE IS SAYING THE EXACT SAME THING YOU ARE SAYING! You and other people say " THANK YOU GOD! NO MORE MOTION CONTROLS!" While this person is saying they aren't going to play a game with button controls if it isn't going to be priced down. It isn't stupid, YOUR being stupid. I think I will just get off the internet sense people just have to come around and say they hate something without explaining. And then when I ask them why they make a completely made up excuse.

        • zelda4ever

          *You're, *Since. Yes, your incessant hate on those who didn't like motion controls has made me annoyed enough to GRAMMAR NAZI. They are not lazy. They are not stupid. They are people. They have opinions. Learn to respect that or stay off the internet.

  • Ifeno

    I don't mind them making games without motion controls, however I feel they worked flawlessly in SS so i do hope they will make some games WITH motion controls and some without. OR just give us the choice, that would be best of all!

  • I prefer traditional controls but I think motion controls were PERFECT for Zelda. Skyward Sword spoiled me forever – every time I go back and play an older 3D Zelda, I keep trying to use my sword in creative ways, only to realize I don't have that level of control. =/

    If they go back to traditional controls, I will still buy the game and enjoy it. But I really think they should stick with the motion controls.

  • David Wevill

    I'm fine with button controls, I will miss the motion controls though. I don't think they'll completely go, like maybe it'll be option; like, if you don't want to use the motion controls or the touch screen, you can just plug in that pro controller and use that. I've always imagined with the gamepad, you'd do stuff like control the camera with the touch screen and for the items. I've always imagined, when using the bow, holding the gamepad sideways, pulling the string on the touch screen and controlling the target lock with the gyroscope.

    For the story, I'm thinking it should follow the same structure as Okami, where it's like three separate stories, with three different villains, and areas to explore. I would like the dungeons to be less obvious locations so that it's more of an achievement to find them, you know like the first Zelda game. How about more secret caves, bigger mini dungeon sized secret caves, with their own bosses too! Over those one room caves with like two or three enemies and a chest just sitting there, I wanna earn my heart pieces and stuff by fighting loads of awesome enemies, not just finding them. Twilight Princess got it right with their caves though.

    With a HD Zelda, on a powerful console, the possibilities are truly endless. Zelda's already my favourite franchise, so Zelda-U would be like Zelda x 10! =D

  • kaiser13576

    The solution is simple: Implement two control schemes–one with motion controls and the other with classic controls….but now that I think about it, in reality that's harder to do than it sounds.

  • Guest

    Being left handed, I am glad that motion controls have the possibility of being removed. The whole wii console was already awkward (control stick in left as usual, buttons in right but also having to move it around). I only got SS because I’m a hardcore zelda fan and I thought they’d do something like TP where they would have a left-handed option.

    The controls for the game were great though. I just wish I didn’t have to use my right hand through the whole game.

    And for the people who are saying get used to using my right hand… fuck you. Go and try to play the wii using your left hand. Go write with it. Or hell, even go use a left handed desk. Once you do that every day of your life, then you are allowed to say “get used to using your right hand”.

    All that said, I’m glad they are returning to classic controls. It allows everyone to enjoy the game equally; regardless of which hand they use.

    • Heriod77777

      No we can't enjoy the game equally. I wont because I don't usually enjoy any more games that don't have such epic controls. Also, it isn't very hard for me to use my left hand. Yeah maybe my writing is horrible but it isn't that big of a change. Don't fuck me because I don't feel pain and it isn't hard very much.

    • Eric

      I'm also left handed… Didn't have any issues with the controls.

      • Heriod77777

        YES! Some comment I never thought I would hear from SOMEONE! Its because people are lazy, and don't use them right.

  • I believe that the next title will have both a top-down perspective and a regular third-person perspective. Wii U Controller for Top-Down, TV for Third-Person.

  • Apollo

    I loved the motion control, though I understand the limitations of such tech at this time. Changes I would love are multiple difficulty levels, 10 times more sidequests, a tactical decision system that effects how the gameplay proceeds (such as increasing or decreasing store prices, unlocking or eliminating sidequests, ect…), an expansion pack could be cool.

    –The first Half-Life had an expansion pack that alowed playing as a separate charater from the main game. Sometimes the gameplay would cross via cutscenes or other times the results of one game were seen in the other.–

    I think there’s enough mythos in the game that folding in elements from one timeline that should exist in other timelines (such as Vaati appearing in the Declining and the Adult timelines) would make for interesting games to see how those characters or events play out differently in other timelines.

  • Kauku

    Nooooooooooooo! I loved skyward sword's controls! While I admit they could have used some "sharpening" I still love them. I've always loved motion controls. *sigh*

  • Triguy123

    I believe if Zelda Wii U enables motion controls or not, Nintendo will continue to improve its accuracy and possibilities. That alone comforts me as a Zelda fan. What I'd like to see in the next zelda is simply a return of the magic meter and magic consuming items ( hint-hint : Ice Arrows ! 😀 ) . The return of magic to consule games would instantly bring back the " magic " that we all know we miss in our hearts. I truly believe link was created to be part Battlemage :3 . Also being able to play Zelda's in " Hero Mode " ( A more challenging option to play the game ) from the start of your file would make the future of my Zelda experiences electric. I think this option is the key to finding the outstanding response from a varied audience, Miyamoto was talking about.

  • Zelda Fan

    I liked motion controles when it first hit zelda (twighlight princes), and later in skyword sword with wii motion +, but in my oppinion I say yes loosing the motion controles for zelda would be enjoyable to new and old zelda fans.Oot, MM, and those who disagree with me on this one pleas forgive Wind Waker, were awsome games that did not have motion controles, and were not only for the most part easly to play but also widlay played and enjoyed.

  • Zelda&Mario Fan_3607

    Go back to Classic controls……Could it be!? A CHANCE FOR A ALTTP REMAKE!? PLEASE NINTENDO!

  • Bat Tom

    I think that the most important element a Zelda game can have is its sense of adventure, and triumph. That's what drew most of us into the series back in the day, isn't it? The idea of dropping into an unassuming character, and being told "Take this, and go forth!"

    The Zelda series has gone to massive lengths in recent titles to try and make things easier to understand, but at what cost? All that hand-holding and the long tutorials, the repetitive declarations of what items you've gotten for the thirtieth time, and worst of all, the illusion of non-linearity created by the maps. Just because Link is a destined hero, doesn't mean that his every move, down to the imaginary line he walks along to get from place to place, should be pre-determined!

    I understand that you wouldn't be able to go EVERYwhere, because you need certain items to get to certain places and blah blah blah. But that doesn't mean that everywhere but ONE place should be inaccessible. I think that players are smart enough to figure out on their own that if a strategy isn't working, they should change their strategy. Likewise, if they can't get through an area, they should try another place and come back later.

    Please, Nintendo? Trust us with the ability to make a mistake? We promise that we'll learn from it and be better adventurers for it. We promise that we'll think creatively to solve puzzles where the answer isn't spelled out for us. We promise that, even if you aren't explicitly telling us where to go every five minutes, we'll get there in our own time, and who knows! Maybe we'll have progressed through another area by that point, and be better prepared for this one! We understand that you have a great story that you want to tell, but think about it: Is it really the end of the world if we read the chapters out of the order you intended? Is our ability to enjoy the game going to totally collapse?

    I don't want to be a Legendary Hero of Destined Legend, Chosen by the Goddesses (in Legend). I want to be an adventurer again. I'd almost go as far as saying that that's what this series needs the most.

    As for motion controls or no, I don't really care either way. If the game is great, it won't matter what control scheme it uses, because the controls will be great too.

  • Castamere

    I wonder if by classic he meant classic 3D Zelda or classic 2D Zelda. Personally, I'd love to see both. I think it would be exceptionally cool to see a new 2D overhead Zelda game just like the original for the Wii U. The new Gamepad controller could bring a world of possibilities to a game like that. Maybe Retro studios is working on something like this.

  • cam3corey

    What I think would work well, is have an option to use either the motion controls, or standard controls, that way both groups are happy. I personally love the motion controls, but I know some don't, and I myself have had days where I didn't want to bother with it, so giving the option in the game would probably work well.

  • Cuber456

    Are people really that surprised that we nearly got 0 info on any Zelda games this E3? Personally, I would have been surprised if we did get info on the next Zelda game whether it be for the 3DS or the WiiU. Think about it, we got 4 Zelda games last year. Yeah you can argue that 3 of them were ports but they were polished to fit the 3DS system. The latest Zelda adventure, SS, hasn't even been out a year yet and it still seems to be selling really well. I won't expect info on a Zelda game for the WiiU for at least 2-3 years unless sales for SS begin to slump. Miyamoto's comments in this article back up this point. He is still trying to figure out the control scheme for the next game meaning that there is a ton of work to be done. The next Zelda game I would expect info on is the one for the 3DS within 1-2 years. We'll see what happens.

    • heroofmasks

      they where hoping forzelda 3ds they always work on a new handheld and main system zelda a the same time they where hopping for a announcemeant of zelda 3ds name is all cmon handheld zeldas take atlease 2 years to finish more this time due to them also making oot3d but cmon they coulda givin us a name

      • Cuber456

        Even if they gave us a name of the next 3DS Zelda game, would that really change things? We already know that they are working on a game. There is no point to reveal the name of the game unless they have other info about the game they want to tell us.

  • Mr Purple

    Honestly, i had no problems with the motion controls in SS, and i wanna see more of motion controls. But I guess it's up to Nintendo. =/

  • Keimori

    I hope they don't abandon motion control entirely.
    Yes it gets a little tiring with sword fighting keeping altitude up, but you know where I think the motion controls really added?
    Flying around, be it the lofting, the beetle or aiming the bow and hook shot are all really suited for motion control.
    In the ZombiU trailer, there was a part where they held up the controller and the screen functioned as the sniper scope which aimed with motion control, and I think that’s brilliant, in fact, imagine if you could aim your projectile type weapons in Zelda WiiU in that fashion, it’d be perfect.

    That’s what I'd like to see, a Zelda were you can switch between the bow and the sword just by holding the gamepad upright in front of the TV. take aim, make your shot, level the pad and bang, back to your sword/ item you need that’s not a projectile.

    Then if all the rest is just traditional control, I'd be good.

  • jackieson97

    Classic Zelda? HD graphics? Sounds like a dream come true. Twilight P.'s motion gaming was perfect; it was very subtle. Skyward S. was just ANNOYING!! But honestly, the fact its the first HD Zelda game ever (or just a Zelda game in general) is enough for me to get it. Definitely got this on the top of my future wish list…

    • Heriod77777

      Your dumb. Twilight Princess controls were too responsive. Skyward Swords were nearly perfect.

      • Zelda&Mario Fan_3607

        I've seen you around here, and I don't want to start a fight of anything, but if you disagree with someones opinion, it doesn't entitle you to call them names. I personally don't mind both because it's not about the controls, it's about the adventure. Controls are just little perks, or downsides to the adventure depending on your opinion. So I;m just gonna leave it at that.

    • TheMaverickk

      No offense but Twilight Princess controls were not subtle. You shook the thing to do a sword swipe. It didn't matter what direction you even shook it, it would just swing the sword back and forth making the whole gesture idea pointless.

      The IR aiming was about the only part that really worked in the game when it came to shooting the bow and arrow and hook shot.

      For those willing to adapt to Skyward Swords more precise controls, the experience was far more rewarding.

  • Punch Dinosaurs

    Oh goddammit. I could support having a dual combat system option like Devil May Cry's Easy Automatic–letting gamepad players automatically swing in the direction of the enemy's weakpoint–but Nintendo games sadly aren't usually that in-depth customizable. I can hope, though. Skyward Sword's combat system was so much more strategic and interesting than anything they could manage on traditional controls. It'd really be a depressing step backwards if they conceded EVERYTHING to the vocal minority who couldn't figure SS out.

  • Adam

    Personally, I loved the motion controls. But I don't understand why people are getting pissy about the fact others didn't. Everyone has an opinion, and while I'd be glad to see the return of motion controls, I would be ecstatic about traditional button controls, too. Although it might be difficult to implement, maybe Ninty could have both styles of control available in one game.

  • hylian_shieldmaiden

    I like both traditional and motion controls. The motion controls weren't what bothered me about Skyward Sword; I had no problem with them, and I'm left-handed. The motion controls are kinda fun to play with. What bothered me about Skyward Sword was the tedious desert portions of the game, they just dragged on and on and got very frustrating. I still haven't finished the game because I just can't will myself to pick it up again, because of the desert. This is coming from an avid Zelda fan; Zelda is my favourite series of all time, and it's got a special place in my heart (sounds totally cliche, but it's true). I do plan to finish SS at some point, but I just need to take a long vacation away from that desert 😛

    I agree that it would be nice for a WiiU Zelda to have options for both motion and classic controls, but I don't see it happening as it would probably take forever and cost a ton to implement both into a single game. It would also be nice to have different difficulty levels to add to the replay value.

    In any case, if there's a new Zelda for any system, I'll definitely buy it.

    • TheMaverickk

      I just don't understand what aspect of Lanayru Desert is that "tedious".

      If you found that tedious how did you not find dungeons like Ice Palace, Great Bay Temple, Water Temple, or even the Wind Temple of Wind Waker not tedious.

      Not to mention that there have been other deserts in other Zelda titles…. Gerudo Desert was full of tedious travel, and looping if you messed up… or sunk into the sand. Gerudo Desert in Twilight Princess was big… and had continually spawning enemies…. but for the most part was boring.

      Seriously. I would think most avid Zelda fans who have played most Zelda titles would have no problem with Lanayru Desert.

  • MYK1217

    I've always felt that it would be the right choice to stick with traditional controls. Motion controsl are really hit and miss. Sure, if it's a hit, it's a BIG hit. I personally think Skyward Sword would have been a sub-par Zelda experience without the motion controls. However, I'm glad to hear that he's had a change of heart on having them become a staple in the series, because it sure sounded like it'd be that way before Skyward was released.

    Quite frankly, even though no Zelda was shown this year, knowing that this is indeed how Miyamoto feels, that he wants to go back to traditional gameplay, it makes me feel a lot better. Way to go, Miyamoto!

  • Captain

    No more motion controls in Zelda? I don't mind it at all, and in fact, really appreciate it!

  • Vladislak

    I loved the motion controls. I loved the traditional controls. I loved the 3D games. I loved the 2D games.

    After 25 years of Zelda, I can honestly say that I've loved every one of them. Whether there's motion controls or not, I trust Nintendo will make a phenomenal game.

  • Kate

    I’m tired of motion controls. They should take a break and minimize that concept for at least one game. I want a really long game with the heart of MM/OoT/Skyward and a REAL Hyrule overworld (even Wind Waker fell short, I wish there were more islands like Windfall/Outset) plus sidequests to make it as satisfying as MM/OoT. They are TRYING to listen to people’s opinions by first making TP a huge world, which was great (but not enough interconnected characters to populate it making us feel bored running around), or giving it lots of story, heart, and personality (Skyloft) but too little invested in area/overworld and sidequest quality. Don’t get me wrong I loved it. I liked the bar, the three areas which were immensely satisfying by themselves but I thought (before I bought the game) that we would at some point be running around a ground-level Hyrule like TP with more cities/towns and fun character interactions. I want more deeply hidden sidequests that fi/navi doesnt hand you on a silver platter. Like when you needed to sell a mask and some person in a completely different town much much later makes a small comment about a mask — then a lightbulb goes off and bravo, satisfaction!

    Longstory short, too much emphasis on motion controls has become a distraction from the thing that made Zelda a longer, more satisfying and endearing game. They need to be rolled into one, rather than one idea per game every 3-4 years.

    My second welcome to the WiiU Pro controller is how smooth and satisfying MM or TP was on GameCube/64, or how much I love buttons for games like Okami (sucked on the wii, and was ironically less-fluid and natural feeling to play), or Fable, or many other games I can’t sit and think of at the moment.

    Feel free to TROLL away and tell me everything I said is wrong and dumb 😉

    • TheMaverickk

      The only problem with what you had to say is the fact that the whole basis of your argument is motion controls, despite the fact that they weren't working on motion controls when they did Wind Waker or Twilight Princess.

      Twilight Princess may have had motion controls "tagged" on…. but the gameplay, the overworld, and side quests were designed and finished LONG before they mirrored the entire game and brought it to the Wii's launch.

      So those are two titles that were developed without any distraction of motion controls.

      Also Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, although very well put together games, neither one is perfect. Ocarina of Time had a great deal of dungeons, and a very strong focus on them. The over world of Ocarina of Time was actually very weak, empty, and uninhibited. There are very few real side quests that get you involved with characters in the game either, save for the Mask Saleman quest, and the Biggoron Sword quest.

      In Majora's Mask there was the exact opposite. A lot of emphasis on side quests, with deep involving characters, and a smaller more intricate and detailed over world. The trade off is that you only get four dungeons. A considerable amount less compared to Ocarina of Time…. and yes you do get some nice mini dungeons, like Ikana Castle, Pirate Fortress, and even smaller ones like Sea Side House… but there certainly are as many that are as long as Ocarina of Time.

      So yeah both those games were good, but still not perfect.

      Simply put Nintendo only has so much time to put into a Zelda game, and they are always trying to balance all these aspects and do it in a high quality manner. You will never get EVERYTHING you want… regardless of whether they put motion controls in the game or not.

  • Eric

    I'm worried about the whole making Zelda to that more people can play it. Sounds like the next Fi will talk even MORE about the things that we understand already.

    • Heriod77777

      Exactly, they will be to sell on not fun if its like that. Just wait, after Zelda Wii U is launched the SAME people that say '' get rid of them! FUCK THEM!" Are gonna complain that there is no motion control. Thats why I have been pushing people to not make comments like that. But that doesn't work because of how ignorant, inconsiderate those kind of people are. Playing a bunch of games after Skyward Sword wasn't very fun sense I used motion controls in Skyward Sword. It was perfect in Skyward Sword, and always will be. To those that disagree, you have no way of telling me how I am wrong in the correct way because I am right. Stupid people just get stupider…. Hate me all you want, I am being so smart and yet I see stupider and stupider things going around that are meaningless and wrong…..

  • Heriod77777

    Go over there and see what they said about the Wii U. A lot of those comments from long ago say " I liked the system, but when I heard its from Nintendo…." Sorry, I was making a joke. I am really frustrated with unreasonable instance from some people.

  • Trikeboy

    Motion controls worked fine for me, please keep them in the next game.

  • K2L

    I just want the franchise to die.

  • TheMaverickk

    If they get rid of motion controls…. I'm out.

    Seriously what a load of bull.

    It's like how Ocarina of Time fans hold back the entire Zelda series. So basically the next console Zelda will be like Ocarina of Time/Twilight Princess. Why? Cause Nintendo looks at the Ocarina of Time sales, then they look at Twilight sales, and they are higher, because it's all people want.

    It's what happened with Wind Waker… an amazing Zelda title, but it didn't sell as well as Ocarina of Time did. The buzz around it, and the hype wasn't the same. So a year after WInd Waker was released they announced Twilight Princess, which was no where near ready for release… just because they don't want people to think that Zelda is "kiddy". Cause all the fans of Ocarina of Time were having hissy fits that the graphics were colourful and you play as only young Link.

    Anyways…… seriously there is nothing that bothers me more then how much the Ocarina of Time fan base has that much sway over how the Zelda series develop. Most of them don't even touch other Zelda games…. like Link to the Past, or even the original Legend of Zelda for that matter.


    • Trikeboy

      You hit the nail on the head. The best Zelda's have always been the ones that strayed from the norm. My all time favorite is admittedly Ocarina of Time but I loved games like Majora's Mask, Wind Waker and Skyward Sword. The people who passed on Wind Waker solely for the graphics missed a truly amazing game. The control system in Skyward Sword was perfect and if Nintendo could go back and remake all 3D Zelda's with this system, I would happily pay full retail price for them.

  • TheMaverickk

    Also… just had to throw it out there….

    It`s hilarious…. absolutely HILARIOUS…. but the main reason they would get rid of the Motion Controls, is that people couldn`t finish the game because the controls made it TOO HARD.

    So instead they would go back to more traditional HARDCORE controls…. to make it EASIER for everyone.

    Hardcore Controls = EASY.

    Truth is …. Skyward Sword, was just too hardcore for the hardcare gamer to apparently handle.

  • Merchiodos

    I like the idea of bring back old Zelda style, but Nintendo should also inculed Motion Controls as well. For me I’m not fuss because I love them both. If Nintendo wants to keep the fans as well as making new ones, they should at lest have an option to choose Motion Control or Original Controls (buttons) then everyone would be happy.

  • Siaarn

    As long as I can use the Pro controller, I'll love whatever Zelda game they make, because I know the Gamepad is going to hurt my hands after a while. I didn't enjoy the motion controls in SS, only because I have a bad back and bad shoulders, it's taken me so long to beat it just because it hurts to play.

  • Frederik

    People just need a proper feedback system for the motion controls, it was impossible to know if you did the harp playing correct. But I loved how the sword actually worked, not like the crappy TP shaking sword.

  • Hero

    They should have an option to turn motion controls on…or off. It would be simple enough. I personally adored Skyward Sword in every way. It's absolutely my new favorite game. However, I feel as though the games incredible story, music, and cinematic feel made a much larger impact on me than the control scheme did.

  • hates Halo

    I liked the motion controls, but I'll have to leapout of joy if the next game has more classic contorls. I personaly loved that way of playing even more than motion controls.

    and I'd like the next game to be more of an HD wind Waker, though of corse not THE SAME graphics, but similar style. something atleast somewhat new. but HD cartoony. then would be the perfect time for an HD realistic.

  • Zelda's Scribe

    I loved Skyward Sword and thought the motion controls were great, even though it took a little while to get used to. I still love the classic controls and would be happy with whichever way Nintendo chooses to go. Zelda is still Zelda, no matter what kind of controls it has!

  • Dark valoo

    Controls don’t make the Zelda series but they can definitely ruin it. Twilight princess had horrible motion controls with the sword swinging and honestly I like the GameCube version better. It was more of a challenge to aim on skyward sword just cuz the motion sensor was so glitchy. If They made a smooth motion sensor I would love it. And for christs sake, add a left handed mode. That completely ruined skyward sword for me. But I guess on the wii u it wouldn’t matter.

  • Spork

    Well, I can tell him right now that I won't enjoy anything less than what was in Skyward Sword. Pushing buttons may be core, but it's not hardcore.

  • Lingering Spirit

    I could care less for control schemes, but I’m more worry when Miyamoto said about expanding Zelda to more people than it already is

  • heroofmasks

    this arguments simple just have both im fine with motion it work like a charm in ss and i wont mind playign with buttons if ya had both and could switch on the fly that be better that way if un broke ur arm u could just play with the buttons or if ur really lazy buttons

    • heroofmasks

      true any idea can make a break the next game and i can lose more then they gained like if they add guns or vs or heaven forbit both they will loose more then theyll gain wich would be gun freaks or people who or way to lazy to read so they rather have va so they wont have to

  • Ryan

    People saying it would be good to have both control schemes. Nintendo would have to create two games just to do that. Think about some of the puzzles in Skyward Sword that required you to open a door by hitting one of four buttons in the correct order, or rotating your sword to confuse the eyes to open a gate, stabbing at things to put them on the edge of the sword etc. Those types of puzzles are great for motion controls but wouldn't work at all without them. If the game was more like OoT/TP, there would be nothing to do with the motion controls and therefore totally redundant.

    • heroofmasks

      we mean both in 1 game not seprate games kinda like xenoblade we could play on the classic controller or the wii remote

      • Ryan

        Ok, you are in a dungeon, and come across a locked door. The door has the 4 direction combination lock that you have to hit in the right order (like in the sand ship in Skyward Sword) Using motion controls you can easily pull off the up down left left right combination. Later you play the game again, this time with classic button only controls. How do you open that door? Nintendo would have to create two versions of the dungeon so it can be completed using motion control or classic style controller. The obvious solution is to take out the combination lock which lessens the use of motion control. Keep doing that to all the other puzzles that require motion control and you are basically left with Link being able to have 1:1 motion control with his sword but having no enemies or puzzles that benefit from it being in there. At that point, why bother having motion controls in the first place.

  • WWCH


  • Austin

    I can deal with it either way motion controls or just the more classic way of playing Zelda, either way i think it will work.

  • alrightmullet

    i think we need a new, epic, top-down zelda- would be traditional, a twist, refreshing.. maybe if you could even go between top-down and full 3d (a bit like metroid:other m, even tho that wasnt a shining example). maybe, maybe not. any thoughts?

  • Hylian_Knight

    I wish they could make it so you could choose to use classic controls or motion controls…I loved the motion controls.

  • Zachattack8888

    YAY!!! Traditional controls!!
    Please please please get rid of motion controls!!! 😀

  • Sanguiluna

    Aww. I actually enjoyed the motion controlled combat in Skyward Sword. I hope they at least make motion control an option for their next game, maybe even allow for seamless transition between the two control styles mid-gameplay. That would be cool.

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