Nintendo E3 Roundtable

Each year at E3, Nintendo host a developer roundtable discussion after their main press conference. They use this as an opportunity to go into more detail about the things that they’ve shown in the main conference, and sometimes to reveal new things. Pikmin 3, which kicked off Nintendo’s conference yesterday, was originally unveiled in last year’s roundtable. And who could forget 2009’s roundtable, when a single, mysterious piece of Zelda artwork surfaced and set the community on fire?

Before you read on too far or set your hopes too high, I’ll let you know that Nintendo’s E3 2012 roundtable did not reveal any new Zelda game. There was no mention of Zelda at all, apart from a tiny bit of additional information about Battle Quest which I’ll get to in a moment. Although it seemed unlikely that a new Zelda title would be shown at the roundtable, even the slightest hint that a new game was well underway would have been welcome. This was not the case, however Nintendo have already stated that they’re preparing a new Zelda title for the 3DS, so we wouldn’t have been too surprised if they had again said something along these lines. If we don’t see anything of it at this year’s E3, it simply means that they’re not ready to show it yet.

So what exactly did Nintendo talk about during this year’s roundtable? There’s a bit of Battle Quest along with more Nintendo Land, MiiVerse and Mario. Hit the jump to find out more.

Let’s start with Battle Quest, first, since Zelda is what this site is all about! The only new information I’ve gleaned about it from the roundtable is that the game will also have a single-player mode, where the gamer plays as the archer using the Game Pad. In single-player mode, the level of difficulty will be adjusted because you won’t have other players helping you out. The game will also have multiple levels, with Nintendo hinting that, “There are maybe more than just two or three courses.” The playable demo that’s on the E3 show floor right now is a combination of what will be the second and third levels in the final version of the game.

A few other highlights include:

  • A new attraction for Nintendo Land was revealed; it will be F-Zero themed.
  • Nintendo have not decided if Nintendo Land will be packaged with the Wii U or not, the way Wii Sports was with the Wii.
  • MiiVerse will have a system that will help players avoid spoilers. Gamers will be able to flag posts that they consider spoilers for Nintendo to review.
  • MiiVerse will also be monitored for other questionable content to allow it to be a place where people feel safe.
  • MiiVerse will be more than just a Wii U social network.
  • MiiVerse will be integrated into Nintendo Land.
  • There might be some sort of new Animal Crossing online game.
  • New Super Mario Bros. U will have a new Boost Mode, which allows another gamer with the Game Pad to create extra temporary platforms, called Boost Blocks, in the game world for Mario to jump on.
  • The Wii U is being prepared so that save files and virtual console games from the Wii can be transferred onto it.
Source: The Verge and NintendoFuse