SYNPROFFSEN, a Swedish eyeglasses store, has recently been seen supporting the green Farore symbol as its company logo that appears in the store sign above. Is it a coincidence? Perhaps the business owner is Zelda fan. Nevertheless the signs and symbols of Zelda are becoming more pop culture icons every day. This isn’t the first time a Hylian symbol has been used for business marketing; you may remember a story about Dropbox using the Hylian Shield as its security and privacy logo.

Source: Zelda Dungeon (tipped by Daniel H.)

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  • Joe

    This is news?!

  • I blame Hombre de Mundo. XD

  • Skybird

    This isn't the first time someone's used Farore's Symbol for their store's logo. Check out Carpet Mill's logo:

    Yeah, that's a mirrored version of Farore's symbol. Seems there's quite a few Zelda-fans using Zelda-esqu logos for their companies.

  • lulless

    Shouldn't Nintendo sue them? lol

  • Keimori

    Is this really…Legal? This is more than just a little homage on a link. (Which I believe falls under fair use because it was slightly altered and not used to bring folks to the site, but another part of the site.)

    But this is for advertising on their sign, in their company logo too.

    Then again Delta Tools uses the Triforce in their logo, and Fischer skis use the Triforce too.

    • Craig

      There's also a polish in the UK called "Power Force" with a lightning bolt through it and a cleaning company in the US with the Power Rangers lightning bolt. Not to mention a store that sold "Super Rangers RPM" 😛 I told Saban and suddenly the store stopped selling them, I felt proud 😛

  • So, this area is a dungeon, which requires the Lens of Truth, the boss is of course Bongo-Bongo.
    So much optical theme here.

    • Keimori

      Bongo Bongo wareing a shiny new pair of SYNPROFFSEN glasses?

      • And the company is just a front for Ganondorf's schemes.

        • Keimori

          The Fiend!! He must be planning on improving his entire army's eyesight!! Thus increasing their accuracy and detection skill to untold heights!!

          It's the perfect plan.