The Wind Waker’s art style was an iconic difference from any other Zelda game. The bright, cel-shaded graphics that were  first introduced with The Wind Waker changed how our favorite green, garbed hero was portrayed. Accompanied with the game’s new style were a collection of stained glass window official artwork pieces. Also in the chamber where Link discovers the Master Sword, there was an in game collection of beautifully crafted stained glass windows featuring the seven sages. Recently, reddit user fourzero40 has crafted a small replica of a stained glass window from The Wind Waker.

Hit the jump to view the stunning stained glass.

Source: reddit (via Zelda Informer)

  • WWCH


    • SaveMungo

      It's painted with stain glass paint.

  • Ferrg

    I did that kind of stuff with my walls.

    • kaiser13576

      I also drew large renditions of them in my younger years 😀

    • weevil17

      as much as you obviously like being a retard, do it somewhere else because this is supposed to be a family friendly website.

  • Zelda&Mario Fan_3607

    0_0 my mind is blown.

  • Rachel

    Oh my goodness that is amazing. I made a few pieces of stained glass in high school, but I never could do anything that awesome.

  • zelda loves link

    omg indeed mind blown

  • Dolan

    How. Can. I. Buy.

  • Merq

    Beautiful! Makes me want to try, too.

  • Johnnie

    Cool stuff. Looks like the puff paint rather than actual stained glass though? Either way awesome work