Do you remember that game where you hit buttons on an imaginary guitar while pretending to be Jimi Hendrix? Yeah, Guitar Hero. It hasn’t been forgotten by some. AKALink has made a Guitar Hero stencil to add some Zelda to your guitar when playing some Jimi. Using spray paint and markers, he was able to create a cool Zelda themed guitar which may get you to play it again. The stencils will be available soon if you would like to get one.

Source: Devianart 

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    Make some for Drums and I'm sold.

  • Jack P

    Pretending to be Jimi Hendrix? Hey that was me!<img src=> <img src=>

  • AKALink

    well looks like I actually have to release the stencils soon

  • Zelda&Mario Fan_3607

    shoot. i'd probably use stencils on my REAL Guitar. Thats how crazy i am.