Ocarina of Time had one of the best stories of all time. It was a masterfully spun tale that told the story of a boy growing up to save the world. It is such a good story in fact that one father told his child it as a bed time story.

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Source: GoNintendo


    He should have made it more like a story then describing game mechanics and stuff. Oh well, as long as the kid liked it.

  • Adventurous Knight

    Already saw this on Gameinformer. Still cool.

  • The Awesome Kid

    i love it – he had to look up on wikipedia what happened next xD
    new parenting goal! :3

  • that guy

    best part – "you gotta crawl into this place. and there's this giant rock that just endlessly kind of rolls" rofl

  • RedBearLuX

    Wow this guy can't remember the game properly :/

  • TorqueoValentine

    I've been telling my son the stories of Link's adventures for years. His favourite is Majora's Mask, especially when Link meets the gorons! Lol! ^_^

  • aeolus

    I want to tell the story to my kids! but of course, like an actual story, and it will be BASED on the game, I don't want to be describing the game itself….

  • Heriod77777

    I completely disagree when you said Ocarina of Time had one of the best stories of all time. HOW? Their was barely any detail on the characters, Zelda was in love with Link for what reason, she barely adventured with him. Even if she was Sheik it still didn't describe any changes of her. When their are details, its boring. At the Deku Tree, when he tells you about Ganondorf, you can't speed it up much. Sorry if this offends you but I don't see how OoT has one of the best stories of all time. WW had a better, more balanced story than it, why is it only OoT gets these special treatments? Why not SS, TP, or MM!?!

    • Zachary99999

      The reason people thumbed you down was when you said WW had a better storyline lol. It IS true though, some fans hate it when you compare the game they think is better to a game that has some better details in it….. You make a good point.

  • Merq

    If I ever had to babysit, I'd tell the kids stories about Hyrule and play Zelda's Lullaby and other songs to get them to sleep. 😛

  • gameboy684

    that is cool as shit dude