There has been an influx lately of articles on what Zelda needs to do better or how it should improve. 1Up has sought to change this negativity surrounding Zelda on their recent feature on why Zelda still rules.

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In an 1Up article by Jeremy Parish, Parish talks about while the tool set is standard for each Zelda game, it covers a wide variety of uses. It is because they cover a wide variety of uses, the player can beat a dungeon with just the tools on hand. Although, it takes a high level of creativity process to do so.

Parish raises other excellent points, which you can read here.

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Source: GoNintendo

  • Piglicker


  • MereMare

    I can't believe they're still calling Zelda an RPG.

    • zeldafan1982

      Well it has some rpg elements. It's an action-adventure-rpg hybrid.

    • Eric

      If you read the article, the author addresses the issue on whether or not Zelda should be called an RPG.

    • Nen desharu

      The last time I checked, the only main Zelda title that is an action RPG is Zelda 2. All the other main titles are action-adventure.

    • Zelda fan

      Why not?

      • English

        your playing the role of link. So you could still call it that.

  • Witchking

    I totally agree. There are some critics who claim that the newer generation of games are taking up the ground that the Zelda series once 'ruled'. Not only is that inaccurate, these critics know almost nothing about the culture that surrounds the series. If you give a gaming fan the choice between games like Mass Effect or say… Ocarina of Time, I would bet my money that they would choose Ocarina of Time. Zelda is just plain one of the best games ever released. That's coming from someone who has been a fan since his fifth birthday. ZELDA RULES! End of Line…

  • zelda loves link

    what?????????? they are calling zelda RPG?????????????? i am sooooooooooooooooooo mad that i am princess zelda how rude

  • HannibalAdPortas

    “If you give a gaming fan the choice between games like Mass Effect or say… Ocarina of Time, I would bet my money that they would choose Ocarina of Time. Zelda is just plain one of the best games ever released.”

    First of all, I agree with the above statement. However, it is just true for OoT, which is generally acknowledged for being one of if not THE best game ever made. It is not true for basically any other Zelda, though. While I personally would definitely choose MM and WW over Mass Effect, I am not sure the majority of gamers would make the same decision.

    Mass Effect is an outstanding title and there are not many games that reach its level of quality. It sounds (“games like Mass Effect” -> reads: average game) like you either haven’t played Bioware’s title, or are a bit too ignorant to appreciate it just because it’s not Zelda. In fact, it is one of the best games this generation next to masterpieces like Super Mario Galaxy or Lost Odyssey.
    Without doubt, Mass Effect could surpass the two latest console entries of the still beloved franchise. Zelda had once ruled surpremely, but I’m not sure if it can ever reach that level of undisputed awesomeness again :-/

    • Whitchkingofangmar

      Well you’re right about the fact that I haven’t played it. But i have been researching it all day, I felt a little bad about slandering a game I know nothing about. True enough Mass Effect is a masterfully engineered game, but I first came into contact with it through all the comments of how terrible Mass Effect 3’s ending was a bomb… I’ve seen the videos on YouTube of said ending, and honestly I see nothing wrong with it other than Commander Shepard’s fate. But still, I hold the Zelda titles in high esteem because I’ve played them so long, so please forgive me if I sound biased.

      • Banooru

        Meh shmeh… Zelda bias on a Zelda site. All of us are guilty of it. : )

  • Nac C

    <img src="">I consider Zelda an RPG, just a different kind of RPG though.<img src=""&gt;

  • Adventurous Knight

    Barely an RPG. Still a great series!

  • HtmlSymbol

    Zelda was and is still one of the greatest franchises of all time. I can't wait to see whatnintendo has in store for us next gen

  • Angel

    How would you even describe Zelda, other than a work of astonishing art?