You may remember a story we posted a few months back discussing the details on how to enter a contest Nintendo was sponsoring. Users were to submit a photo of themselves via facebook and upon completing their entry, they would be entered to win a Master Sword and Hylian Shield replica. Nintendo’s goal was to receive 25,000 entries, which would be used to create a Zelda themed mosaic that would be displayed at the Nintendo World Store in New York. That mosaic (displayed above) has now been completed using the mug shots of thousands of Nintendo and Zelda fans. Can you spot your portrait hidden in Link’s image?

Source: GoNintendo

  • Sakume

    Yeah, I think I'm seeing me right there in the top left corner! Can you guys see it? You can't? Oh. No, I guess not. Why would you ask that with only this picture? Of course we can't.

    • kaiser13576

      Simple humor, that's all 😀

  • Awesome! I submitted a photo to that. I hope my face is in there somewhere. I'd love to go see it in person to see if I can find it. hahaha

  • Lilly

    And now I really wish I'd taken a better picture haha XD
    Oh well, there was a lot of green in my picture, hopefully I ended up in his tunic!

  • Bronor K

    <img src="">Will submit mine as well. Thanks!<img src=""&gt;