Playing Skyward Sword for hours on end, I would have to constantly buy and swap in new batteries. Soon becoming too much of a hassle, I picked up a pair of rechargeable batteries and began using those. Recently, a mysterious patent showing a type of stand or charger for the Wii U controller was discovered, which will perhaps eliminate the nagging hobby of constantly replacing batteries. Furthermore, this mysterious peripheral may double as a convenient stand while the controller is not in use.

So many rumors, so little time until E3.

Source: GoNintendo (via NeoGAF)

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  • Banooru

    I kind of expected this after the 3ds charging station.

  • Heriod77777

    This is good. Now maybe its held like that on the floor, or it can extend to higher height…

  • Will

    This would save pollution if all electronics had a rechargeable stand.

  • dark-phoenix

    thiswill be good for watching netflix while someone else uses the tv