Ever thought the Legend of Zelda and a first person shooter could mix? Well it’s been done in the form of a YouTube video! Hit the jump to watch!

Warning: Contains vulgar language and mild violence

Although the video is relatively simple, it’s beautifully done, and the subtle jokes can be enjoyed by any Zelda fan. 

Did you enjoy the video? Tell us down in the comments!

Source: YouTube

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  • UnholySanctuary

    Heh, mildly amusing.

  • Heriod77777

    That was epic until the guy posing as Zelda said he didn't want to be saved.

  • Vladislak

    Meh, it's alright. Well timed sound effects at least.

    But I'd never forgive Nintendo if they made Zelda into a FPS. That's just not what it is.

    • Signore

      …. You are a person of less than average intelligence.
      1.) That's a stupid purist thought and nothing else.
      2.) Nintendo already made Link's Crossbow Training, and branded it with the Zelda title to sell Wii Zappers.
      3.) Skyrim was First Person Perspective.

      • zelda4ever

        1.) The first sign that one feels or is inadequate in any area is insulting others
        2.) Insulting someone's intelligence online just makes you look like a jerk
        3.) If you really want to post an opinion, make your argument make sense

      • MysteryNerd

        Link's Crossbow Training was nothing but a tech demo. You can't honestly believe Nintendo would actually stick with that?
        Also, Comparing it with Skyrim doesn't make any sense, they are completely different games. Just because a First-Person perspective works well in one game, doesn't mean it will implement well with another game.
        It's not a purist thought, it's just common sense.

  • Ashmic

    u wanna see an actual zelda FPS, look up Half-life zelda mods, zelda has a gun and everything

  • Sara



    Sow…is this a college project or actual free time……

  • gmoyajp

    pretty gay.