About two hours ago, Nintendo of America made an announcement via Twitter:

“We’ve got some news to share 2nite around 8:30pm PT. Be sure to check back to get the latest!”

Additionally, Nintendo of America made a similar announcement via Facebook:

“Wondering how you’ll understand tonight’s Nintendo Direct since it’s all in Japanese? Don’t worry, we’ll be sharing North American related announcements (in English). Check back here and on our @NintendoAmerica Twitter around 8:30 PM PT to get all the news.”

It seems that Nintendo of America will providing the English coverage of the Nintendo Direct broadcast. In the past, Nintendo Direct videos have disclosed information about game updates for Fire Emblem: Awakening, Mario Kart 7, and Kid Icarus: Uprising, as well as some 3DS software updates and game demos. We could be in store for some important news, so check back here at Zelda Universe in case Nintendo makes an important Nintendo or Zelda related announcement! 

Source: Twitter, Facebook (via GoNintendo, GoNintendo)



    Hope it's good.

  • ZeldaForever2000

    Hope it's news about the Wii U

  • Keimori

    Wii U name change.

    • Heriod77777

      I find it odd you were thumbed up a TON. I am pretty sure the only people that want a name change are people that are more picky than me.

      • Keimori

        I didn't expect such ether but I've said it before an I'll say it again, I don't dislike the name “Wii U” and I’m also not that picky at all, I just don't think it’s a good idea from a marketing standpoint.
        It’s a confusing name, to market the Wii U they need to sell it as a new console, something that’s REALY hard to do with such a similar name and even design. (how apple gets away with such is still beyond my understanding.)

  • l888

    Fire Emblem: Awakening localization please…

  • kaiser13576

    "Siri, where is the nearest Japanese translater?"

  • Solsetur

    Here's to hoping for some Paper Mario action!