Last Friday Fez was launched on the Xbox Live Marketplace. This highly anticipated game created by Phil Fish features a small tribute to The Legend of Zelda in Gomez’s house.

Can’t see it? Hit the jump for some help!


The grey mountains, pink sky, and blue water–an overall serene scene from The Legend of Zelda‘s title screen. Fez makes a reference to the Zelda franchise, and it is evident that Phil Fish is a fan of series. He has also stated that Fez is “a mashup of Mario and Zelda”, and it is likely that Fish took inspiration from these games that he played when he was younger. 

Source: Empty Lifebar (via Go Nintendo)

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  • Perturbed

    This is the same guy that said all Japanese games suck.

    He said it right to a Japanese developer during a live press conference!
    Why did you people support this guy by buying his game?

    • ralphpotato

      I didn’t buy the game because I support Phil Fish’s slander, I bought it because it recieved good reviews. Phil Fish is a developer, and for a $10 game, I’m not going to worry about Phil Fish as a person.

    • ztbatman

      He said modern Japanese games suck. Don't be mistaken, Fez is pretty much a love story written for old Japanese games like the original Mario and Zelda. It's alright not to like the artist, but I would think twice about letting meaningful, enjoyable, and progressive art slip past you because of a personal bias against a guy. I have a feeling if you love the puzzles from Zelda, you can have a similar appreciation for the puzzles in Fez.

  • Thought this might've had something to do with Selina Gomez, but I like this news better.

  • Please shut up over the Japanese thing, it's getting old, just talk about the damn game. not just something you read on the internet about a guy you know nothing about.

    • Garald

      Perfectly said