Glitches and crazy speed runs are nothing new to fans of the Legend of Zelda series, but sometimes they’re a bit more remarkable than most. YouTube user ZeldaFreakGlitcha has made a video showing off a newly discovered warp glitch in Ocarina of Time, allowing him to complete the game in just 26 minutes.

The glitch, which involves activating, but not travelling through the blue warp circle after defeating Queen Gohma, allows players to warp directly from the Great Deku Tree straight to escaping from Ganon’s Castle, “skipping adult, light medallion, magic, lullaby, and pretty much everything else.”

Hit the jump to see the video for yourself!

Source: YouTube (via Kotaku)
  • Fizz

    I saw this earlier today; pretty sure the glitch has to deal with activating the blue circle warp without going in, rather than the double KO attack on Gohma. I think he just did that so he didn't have to deal with the Great Deku Tree scene.

    • Good point, post edited accordingly. Thanks! 😀

  • I think the estimated time for a new Any% may be around the 21 min ballpark.

    And Fizz you're right. The reason he dies to Gohma is two-fold.

    1) Access to the exit from Gohma's room disappears if he dies.
    2) The last cutscene played needs to be the "Entering the Deku Tree" cutscene. If he save warps, the game crashes when the trick is performed.

    Also ZeldaSpeedRuns. Because everyone awesome at Zelda is there.

  • mzxrules

    1) Access to the exit of Gohma's room becomes unblocked if he dies I should say

  • Zombeh

    When the Kokiri sword is knocked out of Link's hand, it becomes the Master sword. No explanation necessary.

  • Zelgerath

    Link is tough for a kid of his age. This is compounded by how confused he must be, considering that he has missed several plot points. He probably thinks that it's all a part of his dream that makes no sense. On a happy note, the Deku Tree is not dead.

  • Eric

    I just love the idea of beating Gannon with a stick.

  • Sakume

    Ahahaha. Link exits the door and suddenly sees Ganondorf fall dead before him. I can only imagine his thoughts from that point on.

  • SLogan

    In the end, Ganon was defeated because a kid pointed a dagger at him.

  • SLogan

    Jeez. I thought there was alot in that tree before. Now there's a castle in him.

  • that guy

    The Kokiri sword becomes an energy blade and transforms into the master sword when Link isnt holding it. Seems Legit.

  • TriFrog77

    Lmao this is hilarious, such good timing on the Ganon scene. you cant make this sh*t up.

  • Chris

    so how come it's young link in the cut scenes at the end? wouldn't the cut scenes still show old link?

    • Mike

      The cut scenes showing young link are more "in-game" cutscenes, so the game uses the current characters…however after all game play is over, it goes into "true cinematic" mode where it uses preset characters to do the cinematic…hence why you only see adult link at the very end

  • TwilightPianist

    They forgot to add this option to the timeline XD

  • !CJ!

    right before grabbing the master sword, did Zelda say "ZFG?!" ?

  • Arya

    forget waiting around 7 yrs like they told you to Link, all you need is 25 mins and you'll be able to wield the Master Sword!

  • I love watching these!

  • WHAT, this is incredible! I never knew there was a blue rupee in the Kokiri shop!

    • SLogan

      5 likes, 5 rupees

  • This is simply amazing! Especially taking into account that the game was released so many years ago. Thanks for sharing this video!

  • jg

    Nice job defeating ganon with three hearts lol

  • Ham

    Aww man…now the Time LIne's all screwed up again.

    • Ham

      *Line Ahem.

  • JustAGuest

    This would make for the most hilarious Ocarina of Time fanfic ever.

  • SLogan

    Now I feel bad for speedrunners a few years ago srtuggling to beat the game in an hour and a half.

  • john

    how did he get a bottle that early in the game?

  • john

    actually i might have missed something, is skipped to the part where he is killing gohma

    • john

      ok i see now nvm

  • john

    lol theres just no way of getting past mido unless you have sword and shield

  • zelda

    well this fucks up the split timeline theory hhahahaa

  • SLogan

    Zelda: I'm sorry I put you through all this.
    Link: What are you talking about? All I did was point my stubby "sword" at some son of a b****.