Upon returning home from seeing one of the Legend of Zelda symphonies together, Reddit user the-worm-your-honor decided to treat his lucky roommate to the most exciting rent payment he’ll ever receive, complete with a dungeon map, custom built chest, and Giant’s Wallet.

Hit the jump for more pictures, including a custom map of their apartment, $5 bills folded like rupees, and more shots of the awesome treasure chest!

First he started with a map of their place, Zelda-style, locating the treasure chest in the friend’s room…

Check out the rest of the pictures here!

Source: Reddit
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  • Eric

    Now that's the kind of roommate I want

  • I want a creative roommate! Perhaps some of his creativity would rub off on me?

  • Shasta

    Totally best roommate ever. He could totally sell those chests and wallets. Nice work! I would buy one maybe two or three!

  • Zachattack8888

    What a champ! That's a mighty fine lookin' chest right there too. 😛

  • Nen desharu

    It would have been interesting to fold [insert currency with colourful bank notes] into rupees.


    Dang, I wanna live with that guy!

  • TectonicImprov

    So he gets next month's rent free right?