Hey, Universe! I am Rusty, and once again, I am bringing you a new Music Monday! Today we shine the Music Monday spotlight on a game I have only played twice, and have never bothered to complete: Link’s Awakening! I have no compelling reason for my lack of interest in this classic Zelda game, but, I admit, the music in Link’s Awakening does interest me quite a bit!

I have two phenomenal songs for you today, one, an amazing piano and violin duet cover of my personal favourite song from Link’s Awakening, “Ballad of the Wind Fish” and a superb remix of the “Southern Face Shine’s theme”, by a good friend of mine! To get a listen to both of these, you can hit the jump!

That was great, and was an early piece of work from TheGuitahHeroe! I cannot suggest his channel highly enough, because there is really something for most everyone to listen to on his channel. I personally find the normal theme pretty scary, but TGH’s remix was just as great, if not better! Next, an amazing duo, preforming “Ballad of the Wind Fish”!

“Ballad of the Wind Fish” is one of my personal favourites (as I have said numerous times throughout this Music Monday) and this is just… Amazing… I really have nothing else to say, just bravo. Waltzforluma has a fantastic channel, and they have lots of other covers of video game music, all equally breath-taking.

  • Dark Tri-Force

    Nintendo should really do a remake of Links awakening for a console, with orchestra and 3D graphics.

    These songs would be even more amazing by the orchastra, and allot of the game would be amazing in 3D.

    • Chris

      Hey Rusty,
      Glad you enjoyed our version of the Ballad of the Wind Fish =) I think I also recognise TheGuitahHeroe from around OCRemix! =D

  • Sanity's_Theif

    The first remix reminds me of music from the Donkey Kong Country series for some reason, it's very atmospheric

    • Cyberian

      You are right, sounds like one of the "air" stages from Donkey Kong Country 2

  • Vladislak

    I'm so glad this game still get's some love every now and then, it deserves so much more!

  • Craig

    Listening to it just now, I'd LOVE to hear a mashup of Gerudo Valley and Southern Face Shine's theme – they'd fit so well together. I've always sworn that Ballad of the Wind Fish was a reversed song from something else.