Kid Icarus: Uprising was released across the globe last week and some interesting details have come out of the game which seem to refer to the Legend of Zelda series, especially Ocarina of Time. Two references have been found out so far and if you’d like to know what they are then hit the jump and find out!

Apparently when you complete a certain puzzle in the Wish Seed Level a special chime sounds which , if you play the game, may seem like a very similar tune to Zelda’s well known one.

Also, a more attacking reference directed at Ocarina of Time is when you see the Fairy Orbitars idol description. It reads “Tired of pixies asking you to listen?” which obviously refers to Link’s infamous companion, Navi. The statement may come across as quite a direct offense against Ocarina of Time but it is great to see a Nintendo title take it out on another.

Have you noticed these Zelda references in Kid Icarus: Uprising? Have you found any other references in the game that could be Zelda-related? Share your thoughts by writing in some comments for us!

Source: LegendZelda (via GoNintendo)

  • falconfetus8

    What does the picture have to do with the article?

    • lozjunkie

      It goes along with the 3rd paragraph about Navi being annoying.

      • Monaster

        I don't see why so many people think Navi is annoying.

        • Pharamos

          It's mostly just a joke now. I personally never found Navi annoying when I played as a kid, and I still don't, but I do like to play along with the joke.

        • zerandomguy

          I know, right? I find Phi a LOT more annoying. (but I still love her :P)

    • Tizz

      In Uprising, the same exact message asking if you want to "take a break for a while" is shown if you play for over an hour or so. It's pretty annoying.

  • TTL

    Add in this new mentality of telling the player maybe they should stop playing like they’re a child (regardless of the fact that it could be a child) I would say she is quite annoying. But that’s the 2011 Navi, not the 1998 Navi.

    • Craig

      To be fair, it's a good idea to remind people (especially kids) to take a break due to their health… Navi tells you after 30 minutes with 3D on but it's an hour without – it's a clever system.

  • l888

    Haha, Hades and Donkey Kong.

  • guest

    when you fight the aurum you fight mechanical enemies that look like white triforces that shoot lasers out of the middle.

  • There's also the Dark Link/Dark Pit comparison, which is almost obviously a derivation from the Zelda series.

    • Hugo

      Actually, this is a lot more of a reference to Dark Samus, because Metroid is basically Kid Icarus's sister series.

      • Craig

        Technically… It actually isn't. All Nintendo games link together in some form – e.g. Mario enemies in A Link to the Past, Super Smash Bros., etc…

        You know what I'd love to be put together, though? Dillon and Link in a crossover game – A cowboy armadillo that collects heart pieces to stay alive (much like Goron Link), teamed up with Link fighting evil in Hyrule (and Dillon travels to help protect places, perhaps the enemies could work together with the Grocks).

    • meeps

      I wouldn't really say that Dark Pit is a reference to Zelda's Dark Link. Pittoo has a lot more personality than Dark Link ever did, who was pretty much just a shadow of Link, I think he's more like Shadow Pit. (The ones you fight when you're chasing the Chaos Kin)

    • xwatchmanx

      Well, considering how there's a "dark *insert name of main character here*" in SO many of Nintendo's franchises, I think it's more of a "typical Nintendo" thing, rather than a specific copy of Zelda. Remember, aside from Dark Link, we have Dark Kirby, Shadow Mario, and Dark Samus, just to name a few.


    All I know is that both OoT (specifically the 3DS remake) and KI: U are both amazing games!

  • Baker1000

    I love the dialogue and references in Kid Icarus Uprising. There's one point when Pit mentions Metroids being in the game, and he's quickly hushed before he get say the word Metroid and told to stop spreading rumours.

  • isha

    Dark Pit = Dark Link

  • Shrcker

    The Gate Guardian hwen you fight Medusa has a triforce on its wings.