Hello, Universe! I am back from vacation, and I have a shiny new Music Monday for you all! Today, we focus on an amazing boss theme, and and equally amazing piano cover of “Groose’s Theme” from Skyward Sword! 

Bosses are very, very important to the Zelda series, and what’s a boss fight, without a boss theme? All boss themes in Zelda are interesting and usually suit the baddy you fight, and Bilocyte’s theme from Skyward Sword is no exception to that rule! Way back in November, when I got the Skyward Sword OST I was wondering which boss theme I would take a liking to most, and soon, that was answered. The “Bilocyte Boss Theme” is jaw-dropping, and so epic! But today is not only about my personal favourite boss theme! I think it’s about time I gave Groose some attention, because with that hair, Goddesses’ know he deserves it.

“Groose’s Theme” became an instant favourite for me, and to be honest, I have absolutely no idea why. the song is incredibly catchy, and it suits our bumbling red-haired friend perfectly. So, to hear both of these fantastic songs, hit the jump! 

Bilocyte is, I think, one of the strangest bosses in the history of Zelda. But the thing that makes this Barinade wannabe so freakish is the fact it has this amazingly epic theme music. No matter how Bilocyte may look, this theme will most certainly intimidate anybody who laughs at Big Ol’ Bilocyte. I have been working on a re(re)-orchestrated version of “Bilocyte’s Battle” and it will be ready very soon! So get ready for that!

Next, we have a fantastic piano cover of “Groose’s Theme!”

Groose is one of those characters that changes a lot in the course of the story. Nonetheless, his theme represents him perfectly, being upbeat, and, well, goofy. “Groose’s Theme” is one of those songs, I think, that grows on you more, and more as you listen to it. This pianist on YouTube, Thomandy is awesome, and has a ton of other Skyward Sword covers on his channel. I cannot recommend his channel highly enough, and the fact he has tutorials on almost every song his covers just makes his channel more appealing. Excellent work!

Thank you for reading, and thank you to ZU’s graphic artist, EL (or uniqueLegend on Deviant Art) for the amazing header image!