The people at GenGame love creating works-of-art and this time they’ve given the original Legend of Zelda dungeons a Minecraft revamp. They have worked really hard on structuring the dungeons as 2:1 replicas and have done really well giving them an original feel.

GenGame have released a cool video to go with their creation and if you’d like to see it then click on that jump!

Source: GenGame, YouTube, The Myne (via Zelda Dungeon)

  • It's awesome but I like it better in star wars battlefront 2 😀

  • Sono Shindou

    The only thing that could have possibly made this better is if they used the Nether as the Overworld of LoZ and wherever a dungeon entrance is, have a portal that brings you to that dungeon in the main MC world.

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  • BuiltLikeAmurderTank

    there is an mod which will let you play it as if it was zelda, with dungeons and overworld..and not destroying stuff. With music from OoT

    • setae

      That mod is called AdventureCraft, i use it when im bored and it is pretty fun.

  • TheDudesons0402