deviantArt user l-dawb has created a massive painting covering many different characters and aspects of Skyward Sword.

You might remember a piece of Zelda art similar in style but done by a different artist depicting practically every Zelda character from the entire franchise. This piece of art, however, focuses on Skyward Sword.

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Source: deviantArt (via Kotaku)
  • ZeldaPlaya

    Great pic even though this is old news.

  • Trail

    At one time, I saw a painting that had nearly EVERY main/side character in Zelda that you could think of. I honestly can't remember where I found it, but it was bigger than this. Not to say this is bad, because this is pretty freakin' cool!

  • Linken

    ^You're thinking of the picture titled "25 years of Zelda".

  • lizy

    Kool pic <3 it ★★★

  • Ashmic

    i seen this a while back ^^

    • Luke

      I was going to thumbs up your comment to affirm that this picture was already reported on a while back, but I couldn't bring myself to do it because of poor grammar.

      "I saw this a while back" is what you mean.

      The Grammar Police

      • Ashmic

        lol whatever troll,

  • neos

    ya i dont know what you guys are talking about. ive had this picture saved on my computer for about 2 months.

  • prada

    I like ghirahim, as he is the most awesome part of that poster… Why is zelda in there twice

    • Ashmic

      its *spoiler*
      Goddess Hylia with the harp i believe

  • Dark_Phoenix_Reborn

    ive been wondering why there is a dark triforce on Demise sword. Is there actually a dark triforce we haven't been told about or is it just for looks.does anyone have any theories about this?

    • Beavus

      Demise represents Power just like his incarnation, Ganondorf. His sword can also referred to as 'the dark master sword.' I think he is trying to defile the sacred Triforce by having it upside-down on his sword too.

      • Dark_Phoenix_Reborn

        i think having a dark triforce makes sense. zelda games have alot to do with balance and having a dark triforce to balance the light seams logical.

  • o_TriCatForce_o

    ^^ your cool…..anyways the only one that's missing in the "25 years of Zelda" pic is Ghirahim!

  • iiiii


  • I wonder why he didn't include the Kikwi and Parella?

  • *Demise >.<