We always marvel at the excellent work of the fans. And this time, they’ve done it again. This brilliant song has been almost redone in a way on the piano.

He layers in a graphical effect based on the Feel the Beats game by Jesse Zhang from Thorgaming which basically takes 3D bars and displays them in a way to where the piano player can play along.

Jump for the video!

Source: YouTube

  • John

    I jumped and no video.

  • There's no video! The jump button lied to me!!!

  • Umm… There's no video

  • Chloe

    If anyone wants to listen to the beautiful music, Click the link that says YouTube, the link is next to the letters that source:

  • bastian

    Sorry, y'all, it should be fine now.

  • prada

    its brililant, just that the volume is sooo low

  • X_factor

    All I know is that, that display is SICK! I so want one 🙂

  • matt17

    I no longer like this song, ever since I learned about Ben, from the majoras mask creepy pasta

  • Ella

    I learnt this a while ago on piano, almost identical to this one, that I learnt by ear. I can play Kakariko Theme (TP and OOT versions) as well as song of storms and a few others. But I’m not sure whether to make a YouTube channel or not. Should I? It would be great to have an article on one of my videos…

  • Sanity's_Theif


  • Glenn Williams

    Want to hear another version of "Song of Healing", do go to this link.

    It is my arrangement.