A classic scene with Link and Sheik

For years, fans have been begging for a Zelda game to receive the orchestral treatment and finally get an orchestrated soundtrack.  Skyward Sword did just that (mostly), but what about the previous games in the series?  One fan has been taking classic video game songs and revamping them into beautiful orchestral arrangements.  Next up on that list: “Bolero of Fire.”  Hit the jump to hear Bak.R’s rendition of this fan favorite track from Ocarina of Time.

Featuring and original opening and a sweeping body with the traditional melody, this version of “Bolero of Fire” blends classic elements with a fresh flair.  What’s your take on Bak.R’s new and interesting arrangement?  Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Source:  YouTube (via Link’s Hideaway)
  • jmoods

    It's good! It seems kind of subdued, and I don't think there was very much buildup to the theme. Other than that, pretty interesting.

  • Soulless Creature

    It's good but it's not my cup of tea.

  • Faleel

    "For years, fans have been begging for a Zelda game to finally get an orchestrated soundtrack."

    Um, all Zelda games have had orchestrated soundtracks….

    Orchestration means to write out what instruments will play what notes in the track.

    • Name

      Dude, you know what he means. Don't be a tool.

    • Nitsirtriscuit

      Arrangement is to write out what instruments will play what notes; this applies to only what instruments already exist in the original.
      Orchestration is write out what instruments will play what notes; but this applies to adding, re-organizing, removing, and any other musical change which is not from the original.
      The differences are finite, but there is a distinct difference.

  • It is very nice. It sounds a lot like the original. I like how much effort you put into yhis.

  • I would like more of the Oot music (via ocarina) to be orchestrated.

  • * ocarina music*

  • Wow! I really like this! Very cool.

  • ZeldaPlaya

    pretty nice

  • Craig

    This guy HAS to do the music for a Zelda movie, if it is ever made.

    • X_factor

      I really would like to see an official Zelda movie. I would love to see what Nintendo could do with modern movie mechanics 🙂

  • I've heard better ones

  • It makes me want to play the game again. I hope the next Zelda is like Ocarina of Time. My favorite next to Majora's mask.

  • Ella

    I think if there was more dynamics and less intro and more melody this would be perfect!! As a musician myself I’ve learnt to become picky with ‘build-ups’ (climax of the piece) I didn’t really find one. None the less, very well done!!

  • zelda4ever

    How many rupees do I have to throw for more!?!?!?