Link's going to need a bigger sword

Link has faced demon kings and groups of darknuts and even a few angry cucoos in his time adventuring the realm of Hyrule, but he’s never faced an army this massive.  Artist Dan Hipp has created the fan art seen above in which Link, for the first time ever, may need a slightly bigger sword than usual to battle these beasties.  However, true to the heart meter found in the majority of the Zelda games, “all you need is love.”

Fan art such as this makes one think about the future of the Zelda series.  Perhaps the graphical power of the Wii U will actually enable players to battle enormous hoardes of enemies, as shown in this fan art.  Read on for a link to more of “Mr. Hipp’s” artwork, as well as to comment on whether or not you’d like to see large army battles in a future Zelda title.

A large land battle

Twilight Princess’s E3 debut trailer featured a large land battle, although one of such size and drama never appeared in the final product.  Would you be interested in seeing such a large scale battle, as demonstrated in the “All You Need is Love” fan art, or do you prefer more personal, one-on-one combat?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts, and head on over to Mr. Hipp’s website to view more video game and movie art.

Source:  MISTERHIPP (via Kotaku)