Link's going to need a bigger sword

Link has faced demon kings and groups of darknuts and even a few angry cucoos in his time adventuring the realm of Hyrule, but he’s never faced an army this massive.  Artist Dan Hipp has created the fan art seen above in which Link, for the first time ever, may need a slightly bigger sword than usual to battle these beasties.  However, true to the heart meter found in the majority of the Zelda games, “all you need is love.”

Fan art such as this makes one think about the future of the Zelda series.  Perhaps the graphical power of the Wii U will actually enable players to battle enormous hoardes of enemies, as shown in this fan art.  Read on for a link to more of “Mr. Hipp’s” artwork, as well as to comment on whether or not you’d like to see large army battles in a future Zelda title.

A large land battle

Twilight Princess’s E3 debut trailer featured a large land battle, although one of such size and drama never appeared in the final product.  Would you be interested in seeing such a large scale battle, as demonstrated in the “All You Need is Love” fan art, or do you prefer more personal, one-on-one combat?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts, and head on over to Mr. Hipp’s website to view more video game and movie art.

Source:  MISTERHIPP (via Kotaku)
  • It can be pretty fun to battle an army in a future zelda game, but if they do it, I think Link also needs some backup (I mean, it wouldn't be fair to have 1 man fight hundreds of evil beings).
    Something like the horde battle in SS, but bigger, with some partners for Link would be cool.

    • Blizzeta93

      on a horse…

    • Ashmic

      naaaah he be fine lol

    • Soulless Creature

      SSBB 100 man brawl as Link is fun but I would like to do the fight in a zelda game.

    • Some Unknown Kid

      I would actually like to smite all those monsters just by me self

    • Edge

      I don't know, in Kingdom Hearts 2, there was a moment when it was just Sora vs 1000 heartless, I think Link could take down 100 enemies. Then again Combat-wise KH2 was kinda simple.

  • Morpheel

    I would very much enjoy an army battle in a future Zelda game. Skyward Sword gave us a taste of that with the Bokoblin Horde battle but they came in waves, rather than one giant horde. I was happy with it though. I always wanted to fight an army in a Zelda game. Putting an army vs Link would definitely spice up things.

  • Rakshael

    I would absolutely love a "one man vs the vast uncounted hordes" battle. In SS they came in waves, so it wasn't as epic, but the taste of it was awesome, slaying hundreds of monsters to get to zelda. A huge battle in a massive field like TP's would be perfect.

    +1 from me.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    I think both types of battles are fun an interesting, the 1 on 1 should require more skill though since you should be fighting a skilled opponent

  • HeroofTime

    I think it would be awesome to have Link fight massive hordes and having him do all kinds of acrobatic things like having him dash with his sword swinging and having him do massive sword swings like God of War or something and also having him target more then one enemy or also have him grab them or something like that

  • neos

    i think this would be great for a future game, and the hord battle was a good start. the only thing is link would need a few partners or his own small army of characters you could find through the game. but they would need to do some damage themselfs so it even, but i could see this a being an amazing game where there are multiple battles.

  • Darkstar

    A good example of large army/horde battles is in Aragorn's Quest for Wii. In most parts of the game you face massive armies of monsters of all sizes and you are accompanied by a small group of characters who also help you fight them.

    The motion/combat controls in that game were similar to SS (without motion plus) and worked out great. I also liked the seige battles that took place in some parts of the game (knocking down ladders and burning seige towers/engines) Hopefully Zelda Wii U will have similar activities.

  • Craig

    I forgot to say I'd love a battle like that – However, Skyward Sword tried it a bit and even that was hard enough… It would need to be organized and the mechanics allow for time to prepare and only a certain number of enemies

  • jjb56

    There should be an all-out war

    • I like this. I mean, it's never been done before in Zelda, so why not? Some may claim that this is a generic plot device, but, come on, well all KNOW that the Nintendo team would Zelda-fy it and make it something really special! 🙂

  • iFletchyTV

    I deffanatly want bigger battles. I still play Twilight Princess and end up going to the field where you fought Ganon just to fight 2-4 enemies on bores. If there were like 30 that would be a lot more fun. Especially when people beat the game and have too many hearts and potions that haw no purpose since the game ends with the last boss. Maybe even giving people the ability to create battles. Like having a location and giving the user a list of all the enemies and placing them in a certain area or show up after a sertian goal is met. For example, after beating half of the standerd enemies 3 darknuts show up) adding a boss at the end with sharing the battles on the Internet with friends would make it an 11 out of 10 for me!

  • fiercedeityfan

    fierce deity link with a 5 minute infinite magic potion vs. 100 bulbins, 75 moblins, 50 bokoblin archers, 25 blue bokoblins, and 1 angry king bulbin in the gerudo desert. Who will win?