A few weeks ago we reported on a special Skyward Sword item collection which had been announced. Only a few items had been revealed though and we now know the full list. You can read about it after the break.

The Master Sword and Hylian Shield are the regulars to appear but brand new additions are the Goddess Harp, Gust Bellows, Mogma Mitts, and the awesome contraption referred to as the Beetle. You can click here to buy your own set from eBay. The seller ships worldwide so don’t worry about location.

Would you like your own set? Do you think this is a worth buy? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Source: VGMM (via GoNintendo)

  • Majora

    Are they life size?

    • bluechimchar

      no, but it would be awesome if they were 😀

  • link

    Ofcourse not!

    • como

      Hey, be nice. no where in this article does it say the items are actually key chains.

  • ZeldaDude21

    Do you know if these are the same ones that were announced for preorder on NPCX shop? I preordered those, but they showed a shield, bow and arrows, slingshot, and boots. They were due to come out in May. I don't want to order the same thing twice though.

    • ZeldaDude21

      Sorry I meant NCSX shop.

      • Shaelyn

        when I looked at these on ebay, I noted in some semi-fine print that these are due to ship in April. the delivery time on the link listed here is 41-50 business days. I think these are technically a preorder.
        whether or not they're the same, I don't know. seems like it's different items. do you have a link?

      • Shaelyn

        hang on, I found an ebay link that shows both the six pictured here and the four you're talking about

        but I have no idea what it means. my Japanese is entirely too rusty.

        • ZeldaDude21

          Thanks for the info…
          I'm gonna wait a little longer to see what happens. I might just order both sets, and if they turn out to be the same, save a set to sell later. The Twilight Princess keychains are now worth hundreds of $.