If you have yet to receive your Zelda posters from Club Nintendo, it’s been announced that the reason for this is that they are still on backorder. Unfortunately, there are no reparations, however you should still receive them sometime in the third week of February.

Some of us here have ordered our posters as far back as December 31 so we know your pain. Do you think we should get some kind of indemnity for this long wait, or will you be satisfied with the posters themselves? We’ve been drooling over them for the past month and a half, so thank goodness we’ve finally heard word from Nintendo about them.

Source: GoNintendo


  • Link and Cuccos

    I just got the email today that my posters have finally shipped! 😀

  • Jenna

    Hey, thanks for the update, bros!

  • Sakume

    Anyone not get these awesome posters? They're awesome.

  • Animefreak1325

    For some reason, my Club Nintendo account was deactivated, and I haven't gotten my posters yet. I wonder if I'll still get them. =/

    • Shaelyn

      were you emailed an order confirmation? you should be able to look up your order on the nintendo site, independently of club nintendo. check that email, there should be a link.

  • 6509

    i am so relieved.. i thought i was the only one with just the skyward sword poster

  • Golden Monkey

    YYYEEESSSSSS!!! ya i ordered them back in late December and when a month went by with no word about it, i just kinda sadly gave up on it…but NOW im – along with countless others – have this glorious 2nd chance at the awesomeness of these posters!! 😀

  • Triple J

    I ordered them the day they became available and received them within one week problem free 🙂 Not only that, but there was also a misprint on the poster with Link, Ghirahim, and Fi (you can see an outline around the loft wing on the right) and Nintendo is shipping me a replacement one, which is currently in the mail according to an email I just got.

  • Shaelyn

    mine shipped yesterday. I had been keeping tabs on the club nintendo site. the first delay said it shoulda shipped by the end of january…and right at the end of january was when all the misprint stuff was going on. I figure the second delay was to fix the posters before they shipped them out with the misprint. they did note both backorder delays on their website, though.

    I ordered mine on 12/29.

  • tomfewchuk

    got mine a week or two ago!

  • Courtney

    I ordered mine when the first day they had them, got mine 2 weeks later. They made an error on the first set, there was a line in one of the wings that wasn't erased or something, so I got sent another version of that poster without the error (Which, apparently was on all early orders) a week after I got the email saying I had the error. I guess it really did pay off to save my points until something to do with Skyward Sword came out 😛

  • cloverplayer

    Once I ordered from club nintendo, and it didn't come for almost a year : At least it gets here eventually.

  • Mudkip_boy

    Guys, Stop taunting us Brits with you seriously awesome posters.

  • HeroofTime

    I hope they will give them to people who are signed up with ClubNintendo :'(

  • Mikael

    Goes to show you how AWESOME The Legend of Zelda is! XD

  • Keimori

    I just got these back from the plaque mounting service and they are glorious!!

  • LastCenturion

    I ordered mine Dec. 28th. Glad to know they were just delayed and not lost. 😀

  • DominionBlade

    I ordered mine on the 24th of December. I'm so happy to finally get mine.