A Skyloft guitar cover

In what may be our most musical Monday yet, we bring you another amazing piece of Zelda music, this time by the talened TheDelRe.  He’s been doing guitar covers of Zelda songs for a long time, bringing classic Zelda melodies to life with a more metal flair than what can be heard in the games.  Now, he’s taken on the Skyloft theme from Skyward Sword.  Containing both acoustic and electric elements, this arrangement is one of the most varied out there–and also one of the most entertaining.  Hit the jump to view this talented remix of the Skyloft village theme.

A big departure from what’s found in the original version of this song, this version mixes acoustic and electric elements to give a unique and exciting depiction of one of the Zelda series’ most recent memorable melodies.  You can find more of TheDelRe’s Zelda covers on his YouTube channel.

What do you think–what other sort of remixes would you like to see from future covers of Zelda songs?

Source:  YouTube
  • Craig

    Ooh I like… NIIIICE! Lol

  • Beka

    Awesome! And some nice headbangs!

  • Thomas

    Beautiful 🙂

  • Soulless Creature

    I could listen to this all day. Also I would love to hear The song of storms on an accordion.

  • Gerudude

    The best thing in this vid, was his t-shirt.

  • Speaking of music, I couldn't help but notice the Skyward Sword soundtrack post doesn't give credit at all to the original ripper/organizer of the collection. That would be slippyToad's thread at FFShrine…I'm sure he would at least appreciate a mention for going through the process of creating the soundtrack collection for Zelda fans.. -_-

  • cloverplayer

    Amazing! Great job!

  • Loftwing81

    ……wow……this guys is talented:DDD