The picture above is not the official timeline, do not fret. But to newcomers to the Legend of Zelda series who are interested in learning about the timeline might think this a little confusing, not unlike the timeline above. And I’ll be blunt, it is confusing. There are three alternate timelines, characters spanning multiple games, the evolution of a species, and three or four separate worlds throughout the entire series. Even if Hyrule Historia gave you a lot of answers, I’m sure a lot of your questions were not answered. Fear not, brave Hylians! A kind soul who goes by the name of Zach Potts, has provided us with a detailed breakdown and dissertation of Hyrule Historia’s Zelda timeline! However, you’ll have to read it after the jump.

The analysis can be downloaded here. The analysis is rather long, spanning 20 pages, but it covers the entire timeline from Skyward Sword to The Adventure of Link. Fans will be able to see this guy knows what he is talking about, as the analysis is really accurate with its insight and knowledge of the games. Be warned though, there are spoilers and take your time and try to absorb what the timeline truly is.

Some things to note:

  • He goes over each game’s backstory, tells a short summary, then analyzes the game in the timeline.
  • He notes in the intro that he is playing the Japanese games as the translated versions tend to get some stuff mixed up
  • It is noted in the intro that because the series is ongoing the games get retconned all the time, so what may be accurate now, may not be sometime in the future.
  • Some things have been translated from Hyrule Historia that we now know are official and facts. The analysis was finished a little while ago, so it may not be up to date, but it hits everything and every aspect of the game, especially the more debatable topics.
  • Finally, towards the end he goes in detail about the alternate worlds presented in every game (Twilight Realm, Dark World, Silent Realms, and Sacred Realm). You may be surprised by the similarities…
I highly recommend reading the book. If you have not played one of the Zelda games its nice to see the plot summarized so simply and easily to understand, and then you will be able to fit in the missing puzzle pieces to determine where the game fits in and why it fits in that spot. His explanation of why there is a third timeline is rather interesting too, and honestly, I like the way he explains why Link died better. It makes more sense than the way Hyrule Historia explains it anyhow.

Enjoy the read and tell us what you think in the comments below.

Source: VFH Blogspot



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  • supergiraloz

    i still think what the HH writers meant by 'link fails' they mean that, before link first travelled in time, the timeline was destined to lead into alttp, but then link did discover that he was the hero of time and both altered the already present timeline while creating a split to an additional timeline


    • GuildedBlood

      sounds good to me. But its hard to understand what had happened, what will happen, what didnt happen, and what could have happened.


    • veeronic

      oh thank you! I think that's what I've been trying to wrap my head around from the begining of that whole talk, lol

    • Fizz

      There's a specific point in the book stated where he fails. He specifically loses to Ganondorf, before he turns into Ganon. Whether he is killed or merely defeated is never mentioned.

      • Flopping Fish

        i'm pretty sure Ganondorf wouldn't just defeat Link and let him live, lol. i think it's safe to asume that if Link lost he would've been killed.

    • somecrazyguy

      i think that when link was sent back in time by zelda, it splits the timeline into two timelines, the adult, and the child. but then, becuase link has never touched the master sword in the child timeline, it causes a paradox in the adult, becuase there he has, but at the same time, he hasnt becuase of the original split, so the adult timeline splits again, at the moment when link first enters the temple of time. in one of the adult timelines, he takes the master sword, and is sent 7 years into the future, and in the other timeline, he simply ceases to exist anymore. he vanishes, he isnt defeated. this is becuase as he has never touched the master sword in the child timeline, technically, the adult timeline never happens. but it did happen, becuase child timeline link remembered it. so there fore, the adult timeline (windwaker and such) never happen, but they do happen. it causes a giant paradox, which ultimatly splits it into two seperate timelines, one where ganon is defeated by the hero of time, and one where, due to link's dissappearence, ganon finds a way to break into the sacred realm, but is sealed quickly. the events will transpire differently due the the fact that the paradox takes place.. the king will obviously become aware of ganondorf's plot, and have the seven sages seal him before ganondorf can get out wth the triforce. this leads to a link to the past.

  • veeronic

    that t-of-t theory, rofl!

  • somecrazyguy

    i had to stop reading when he said that the light force was the triforce of courage. i mean come on, get your facts straight buddy, if the sacred realm has been sealed up already (as the writer asserts, as well as hyrule historia) then how can the triforce, which is sealed up, be the light force? no, the light force is something entirely different. its just as bad as peopole who complain about this timeline due to minish cap comming before ocarina becuase they think the picori sword and the master sword are the same.

  • James

    This is about 3 or 4 years old…

    • GuildedBlood

      Its not. He just posted it Feb 2nd.

  • OoTfan1225

    I was thinking today about majoras mask today and how it came after OoT in the timeline but Before SS in the timeline for 1 reason and one reason only in Skyward Kaepora Gaebora Is a human in Majoras Mask he wasnt in it at all but in OoT hes an owl……..What if in between SS and MM all the way up to OoT something had happend to transform him into an owl?I was thinking what if Koume and Kotake had turned them into an owl Nah never mind.

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  • SLT

    Although the Hyrule Historia timeline is largely accurate, the one major problem I have is this: the split between Adult and Child timeline seems to be contradicted by the flood of Hyrule. Twilight Princess is said to occur long after Majora's Mask in the Child Timeline, which assumes the Hero of Time has gone back to his childhood and the events of his forced adult-hood in OoT are erased. However, it is said that after Link travels back through time, the 7 year jump he took to defeat Ganondorf is left without a Hero, which results in Ganondorf rising again and eventually the flooding of Hyrule. But if the events of Adult Link in OoT are erased how can flooding take place and if there is a reason for the flooding , doesn't it follow that Twilight Princess can't occur? (I understand I may be mixing up my words a little, just ask if theres anything confusing)

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