A glimpse into the early stages of Spirit Tracks

Of all the glimpses into the inner workings of the Zelda series that Hyrule Historia is giving us, one of the most personal is the concept art.  It allows us to see what a game’s characters were like in their early days, and also reveals what could have been in a game had certain ideas not be abandoned during development.  Hyrule Historia contains many pages of concept art for Spirit Tracks, the 2009 handheld title for the Nintendo DS.  This game contains some of the most unique-looking characters that have been seen in a Zelda title for years:  Chancellor Cole, the Lokomos, and Malladus, to name only a few.  Hit the jump to view more concept art, and thus get a better understanding as to how Spirit Tracks was created.

The many version of Link

A look into the early days of Spirit Tracks

More concept art from Spirit Tracks

The early days of the Lokomo from Spirit Tracks

Art for Spirit Track's NPC's

By seeing all of the concept art from Spirit Tracks, we are getting a glimpse into the soul of the game and of the inner workings of Nintendo.  Click here if you’re interested in viewing many more concept art scans for Spirit Tracks.  Does seeing the original designs for a game change your perception of that game in any way?

Source:  Nintendo Everything
  • Feline Witch

    I love seeing concept art, and the Zelda games generally release very little character art, so seeing the creative process behind their artistic creation is pretty exciting. I really can't wait to see the Oracle ones properly. I never knew the Harp of Ages was going to be a lute at one point…

  • Rakshael

    Wow, I really wish they had gone with this version of Byrne, it's so much cooler, and fits in more with Zelda as a whole, rather than that cyborg/steampunk claw arm. And ofc sword duels are what I live for in LOZ games 😀

    • Jarkes

      Ahem… Hookshot.

      • Rakshael

        I didn't say anything about the hookshot or clawshots, did I? What are you talking about or referring to? Steampunk/cyborg stuff doesn't really fit in with a medieval fantasy game, regardless of how much fun it is. Personally, my favorite item is the Clawshots, but just because I think they're extremely cool and fun doesn't insinuate I think they fit in well.

        • He's referring to "Cyborg/Steampunk claw arm", it's called a hookshot arm. And spirit tracks was slightly more steampunkish than medieval, by the way.

          • Rakshael

            Ah, see, I never knew his arm was called the hookshot arm. It was definitely more steampunkish, I completely agree. The steampunk did seem somewhat forced, however, like much else in the DS games. If you make a game with steampunk in it, there should be a bit more technology powered by steam. I would have loved to see the darknuts powered by steam, or some items powered by steam. 🙂

  • Jarkes

    Wtf is up with those mole, cat, and dog things in the first image? And that hideous looking Lokomo… were they supposed to be villains originally or something? Because, knowing Zelda, I can't imagine someone that UGLY being a GOOD guy…

    • Rakshael

      lake hylia laboratory scientist from Oot. Ugly as all get out XD

  • Jarkes

    Also, the bottom of the second-to-last image shows all the Lokomos from the game… and one that never appeared in the game. Looks like that Lokomo might've been a resident of the Dark Realm…

    • Dustah

      Yeah, I noticed that too. It looks like the Dark Realm might've actually been a place with things to visit and a final temple to do at some point. Interesting.

    • Anon

      Yes, that person was the lokomo of the dark realm. The symbols above each of them indicate their region according to google translate, and the symbol above that mysterious woman is translated to "darkness".

  • matthew

    I like how Byrne looked in the concept art before they changed him cause he looks so cool, but the one they used in the game looks cool also but I prefer the one in the concept art.

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