The iPads "clone" of The Wind Waker

Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, does not approve of playing games on devices that aren’t solely made for gaming.  With that in mind, it’s not likely that we’ll be seeing a Zelda game for smart phones or tablets any time soon.  However, if you are a fan of such portable gaming, then perhaps Oceanhorn is for you.  It’s an iOS game currently in developent for the iPad, and has been described by some as a “clone” of The Wind Waker.  This doesn’t mean that its stealing the Zelda formula or is striving to imitate The Wind Waker, but rather it’s emulating adventure and story-telling elements most similar to those found in the Zelda series.  In other words:  it’s the closest thing to seeing an actual Zelda title for the iPad that we’re going to get.  Hit the jump to view a gameplay teaser trailer, and to share your thoughts on this work in progress.

To learn more about Oceanhorn, which is still in development for portable Apple devices, visit the game’s official site, or visit Cornfoxbros’s YouTube channel.  What do you think–is a game like Oceanhorn a good substitute for an iPad Zelda game, or should the Nintendo team start making its own titles for such handheld devices?

Source:  YouTube (via Kotaku)