The iPads "clone" of The Wind Waker

Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, does not approve of playing games on devices that aren’t solely made for gaming.  With that in mind, it’s not likely that we’ll be seeing a Zelda game for smart phones or tablets any time soon.  However, if you are a fan of such portable gaming, then perhaps Oceanhorn is for you.  It’s an iOS game currently in developent for the iPad, and has been described by some as a “clone” of The Wind Waker.  This doesn’t mean that its stealing the Zelda formula or is striving to imitate The Wind Waker, but rather it’s emulating adventure and story-telling elements most similar to those found in the Zelda series.  In other words:  it’s the closest thing to seeing an actual Zelda title for the iPad that we’re going to get.  Hit the jump to view a gameplay teaser trailer, and to share your thoughts on this work in progress.

To learn more about Oceanhorn, which is still in development for portable Apple devices, visit the game’s official site, or visit Cornfoxbros’s YouTube channel.  What do you think–is a game like Oceanhorn a good substitute for an iPad Zelda game, or should the Nintendo team start making its own titles for such handheld devices?

Source:  YouTube (via Kotaku)
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    • Ashmic

      you do realize no one cares? so you wasted the websites server space just typing this, which no one cares about, congratulations, have a good day

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        This is what I like about commenters like you! You stand up against people who troll and make stupid comments for the sake of it. Thanks for making a good impression on our website:D

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          ur most welcome 😀

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            more like being a jerk. Why can't you let the person enjoy the moment. You took up even more server space by responding

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            yes im being a jerk, not the person who typed "firsties" on an article that person probably didn't read,

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  • Angelo Mota

    It's beautiful *.* I want to play xD

  • Red Bear LuX

    When I grow up I want to be a games designer 😀 … but my imagination is ruined by the fact that i'm not too clever *derp*

    I know! I'll go upstairs put 10 of my favourite games in a box, shake the box pick one at random then rip-off that game!!! YAAAAAT FUN TIMES!!!!

    • lootic

      Creativity is more about not blocking your ideas. Most good ideas startout as bad ones, or even terrible ones. Anyone can be a designer, its more about luck and belief in yourself than anything else.

      (I guess I will get some real ass-toasting flaming from any designers for this, but I stand by my word, I really do mean it).

      • DesignerGirl

        As a designer with designer friends too I'm officially giving you a not-ass-toasting 🙂 Anyone really can be a designer, or at least work in games.

        There are LOADS of different jobs in the games industry, and really as long as youre willing to work hard you CAN do it. (Though taking a course or a degree or something really helps lol)

  • Ashmic

    I smell lawsuit

    • ChainofTermina

      yeah, I was going to say something similar to that. I still kinda feel like Nintendo could sue and win.

  • the_voice

    Every time I read that for some reason I saw "OceanBorn" and thought, "In their tongue, he is Zelda-kiin….OCEANBORN!"

    • Casual Vader

      I love you.

  • Darkstar

    The picture above itself looks identical to a scene in wind waker

  • Hylian_Knight

    Of course I don't have an iPad…. >(

  • Karadom

    This is hardly a clone.
    Sure, it's obviously inspired by Wind Waker, but a clone? No.
    Games like Fortresscraft and Zynga's latest slop they've been spewing out are clones.

  • As stated in the post, "…and has been described by some as a “clone” of The Wind Waker. This DOESN'T mean that its stealing the Zelda formula or is striving to imitate The Wind Waker, but RATHER it’s emulating adventure and story-telling elements most similar to those found in the Zelda series…" (:

    • Karadom

      I was referring to some of the comments I've seen where they just read headline, disregard the article, and comment with some foolish remarks.

  • Fronll

    Well l like a controller with mechanical buttons for gaming than using touch screen. My nerves on my fingers feel like they did no work when I touch glass.

  • Error

    Hard to know until it's released, but if 'Neutopia' managed to sell AND spawn a sequel, I'm not sure if this will be a court case. Asked to be taken down, maybe, but a lot of folks have tried to borrow the Zelda formula, often reminding us how impossible this amazing balance is to imitate =)

  • Jeff

    gaming on a touch pad = a crime

  • Krieg

    Well if it wasn't for original game designers and manufactures then there wound't be gaming at all. I don't thank to modders and emulators because they didn't come up with their own creativity work even though they made it convenient.

  • Phaum

    I guess so since they are the ones legally getting a lot of money.

  • Thomas G.

    This is weird, I made a semi-serious joke a few days ago about playing Zelda on an iPad.

  • Craig

    It may be visually pleasing but I don't accept anything that rips off Zelda, unless it's a proper tribute. Android and Tablets will never be gaming to me, just a hobby.

  • Tyler

    SIN. This is horrible. Nintendo games were made to use only on Nintendo systems. And besides, the graphics were very cubic based.