Glitterberri and friends, how can we ever thank you? Because of all your amazing translations of Hyrule Historia, English-reading Zelda fans can enjoy the wonders and get solid answers to all our questions that we have ever had about the Legend of Zelda series. They have provided us with a full translation of the portion of the book explaining how each game is related to each other. The text offers some great insight to not only the series itself, but the orgins of major characters, places, and other folklore.

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On Glitterberri’s site which you can find here, you can find the full amount of pages that she has translated, but I will provide some of the most interesting clips and most discussion worthy of the translations here for you guys to enjoy. Part of the most interesting section is pg. 77 which is called The Sealing of the Sacred Realm which explains how the Temple of Time came to be and other great information.

•Hyrule, Kingdom of the Gods

“The world that the 3 goddesses created and that the goddess, Hylia protected became known as Hyrule. Those who share the roots of Goddess Hylia were known as Hylians and they held mysterious power.”

“Peace continued through the land for a long time, but with a new era, a wave of chaos descended upon the land.”

Era: Game:
The Era of Chaos Ocarina of Time

•The Battle for the Sacred Realm

“The almighty power of folklore was lusted over by many, many people and there was a never ending struggle over the Triforce.”

“The Sage of Light, Rauru, constructed the Temple of Time around the only entrance to the Sacred Realm which housed the Triforce. The Sacred Realm was sealed with the Master Sword, along with the ability to pass through time. The Master Sword’s pedestal was closed off behind the Door of Time and three sacred stones acted as keys, which were guarded by the trusted people of the forest, the people of water, and the people of fire.”

“The Triforce was enshrined in the Temple of Light and Rauru was isolated from the world inside the Sacred Realm to continue to protect the power of the gods.”

Era: Game:
The Era of Prosperity

•Hyrule Kingdom’s Establishment

“Those who inherited the blood of the goddess, Hylia, who was reborn into Zelda, established Hyrule. They built a castle in the center of Hyrule, where the Temple of Time rested and watched over the Sacred Realm and the Triforce.

Era: Game:
Many Years Later

In the Royal Family, many people were born with a special power that existed deep within the bloodline and the queen would often be named Zelda after the historical legend.”

•Temple of Time

“The only entrance to the Temple of Light in the Sacred Realm. Though it bears the same name as the temple that stood in the desert in ancient times, the Temple of Time constructed by Rauru is thought to be located where the Sealed Temple once stood.”

•Crest of the Royal Family

“Because Goddess Hylia’s crest was in the shape of a bird, and people once rode giant birds in Skyloft, the Royal Family’s crest is a combination of the Triforce and a bird.”

Not only does this section explain what the Temple of Time truly is and its orgins, but it also explains why the queens of Hyrule were named Zelda in honor of Hylia. It also explains the crest of royal family, and a little bit of history on the Sage of Light, Rauru who built the Temple shortly before Ocarina of Time took place.

Very interesting stuff. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comment section!

 Source: Glitterberri