Glitterberri and friends, how can we ever thank you? Because of all your amazing translations of Hyrule Historia, English-reading Zelda fans can enjoy the wonders and get solid answers to all our questions that we have ever had about the Legend of Zelda series. They have provided us with a full translation of the portion of the book explaining how each game is related to each other. The text offers some great insight to not only the series itself, but the orgins of major characters, places, and other folklore.

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On Glitterberri’s site which you can find here, you can find the full amount of pages that she has translated, but I will provide some of the most interesting clips and most discussion worthy of the translations here for you guys to enjoy. Part of the most interesting section is pg. 77 which is called The Sealing of the Sacred Realm which explains how the Temple of Time came to be and other great information.

•Hyrule, Kingdom of the Gods

“The world that the 3 goddesses created and that the goddess, Hylia protected became known as Hyrule. Those who share the roots of Goddess Hylia were known as Hylians and they held mysterious power.”

“Peace continued through the land for a long time, but with a new era, a wave of chaos descended upon the land.”

Era: Game:
The Era of Chaos Ocarina of Time

•The Battle for the Sacred Realm

“The almighty power of folklore was lusted over by many, many people and there was a never ending struggle over the Triforce.”

“The Sage of Light, Rauru, constructed the Temple of Time around the only entrance to the Sacred Realm which housed the Triforce. The Sacred Realm was sealed with the Master Sword, along with the ability to pass through time. The Master Sword’s pedestal was closed off behind the Door of Time and three sacred stones acted as keys, which were guarded by the trusted people of the forest, the people of water, and the people of fire.”

“The Triforce was enshrined in the Temple of Light and Rauru was isolated from the world inside the Sacred Realm to continue to protect the power of the gods.”

Era: Game:
The Era of Prosperity

•Hyrule Kingdom’s Establishment

“Those who inherited the blood of the goddess, Hylia, who was reborn into Zelda, established Hyrule. They built a castle in the center of Hyrule, where the Temple of Time rested and watched over the Sacred Realm and the Triforce.

Era: Game:
Many Years Later

In the Royal Family, many people were born with a special power that existed deep within the bloodline and the queen would often be named Zelda after the historical legend.”

•Temple of Time

“The only entrance to the Temple of Light in the Sacred Realm. Though it bears the same name as the temple that stood in the desert in ancient times, the Temple of Time constructed by Rauru is thought to be located where the Sealed Temple once stood.”

•Crest of the Royal Family

“Because Goddess Hylia’s crest was in the shape of a bird, and people once rode giant birds in Skyloft, the Royal Family’s crest is a combination of the Triforce and a bird.”

Not only does this section explain what the Temple of Time truly is and its orgins, but it also explains why the queens of Hyrule were named Zelda in honor of Hylia. It also explains the crest of royal family, and a little bit of history on the Sage of Light, Rauru who built the Temple shortly before Ocarina of Time took place.

Very interesting stuff. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comment section!

 Source: Glitterberri
  • alilinsane

    This is awesome, but a little confusing.

    So the ancient Temple of Time was in the desert.. and then the Sealed Grounds became the Temple of Time (which falls in line with Twilight Princess) but what about the Temple of Time in Ocarina of Time? That Temple was located right outside of Hyrule Castle right?

    • Darkstar

      I was just going to say the same thing. I noticed how TP temple had the same side and front entrances that lead into the forest (the side entrance in TP leads into a circular opening, most likely the same area where you meet Goro in SS) I've always wondered how the temple of time ended up in castle town market in OoT. Perhaps the sages magically moved it there?

      • pokemega32

        Or they just built a town there.

      • Craig

        Don't forget that over time, just as in real life, continents shift and move all the time. Between Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time, there's around 500 years passed. Also, I think it makes a whole lot more sense if you rotate the Skyward Sword map clockwise and moved into lower areas of what we couldn't see in Skyward Sword, meaning Faron Woods became part of Hyrule field.

    • BloodEy3

      This section that was posted is all about Ocarina of Time, The Temple of Time was constructed before Hyrule Castle, and this all took place before Ocarina of Time, so The Temple of Time was built then the Castle was built near it (as stated in Hyrule Kingdom’s Establishment), the temple crumbled and soon became know as the sacred grounds which follows into Twilight Princess.

    • Jayden98

      The temple of time in Ocarina of time is the same temple. Its just not overgrown with trees and such. After the events of Skyward Sword, they most likely build Castle town around it. Then after Ocarina of time(Child timeline) Everybody leaves castle town and Hyrule castle and moves north. Leaving the temple of time to be overgrown once again.

      • alilinsane

        i would be okay with this.. except for the locations of the mountain and lakes in relation to the castle.

        in Ocarina of time, lake hylia is southwest of the castle. if we're to assume the temple of time remained in this location and the lost woods/sacred grove moved up and took over lon lon ranch, zora's domain, and hyrule field.. then the lake hylia in twilight princess should be MUCH further south than it is. Same with Death mountain. It seemed pretty consistent in location between the castle from oot and tp.

        I'd love to see a game taking place between Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess that shows how the landscape changed. It seems like some major event happened that took apart the land and created chasms etc.

        • Jayden98

          The locations of the mountains and lakes do have massive changes between Ocarina of Time and Twilight princess. Maybe Lake Hylia and Death Mountain in Twilight Princess are named after the ones in Ocarina of Time? Maybe an eruption happened at Death Mountain? I would also love to see a game in between Majoras Mask and Twilight Princess.

          • Craig

            Continents move and the maps in the games aren't necessarily showing the shame land in every game map, some of it could be shifted to the left or any direction, when compared to other land shown in other maps. Also, the maps won't exactly all represent the same viewing angle. Also, as I said, islands move in real life and 500 years (approx.) would have passed by then… Possibly a thousand.

        • Craig

          Lake Floria was never intended to become Lake Hylia. If you think about it, the stream that runs around the outer walls of Castle Town and even things like the fountain are probably the water that once was Lake Floria. If the Temple of Time is the Sealed Temple, then it could make more sense that Lake Floria even became Zora's Domain. People think when you go through the gap in Zora's Domain into Lake Hylia, that it's just like a door, you go straight through. What you don't see in Ocarina, is you travel all the way to the other side of Hyrule and not just a quick entry.

          • I agree with Craig. Also remember that the curious thing about Twilight Princess is that the map shifts direction depending on if you played the Wii or GCN version. If you play the GCN version, the map kind of seems similar to Ocarina of Time's map, whereas the Wii version is flip-flopped. It all comes down to which game you believe is the "true" TP experience. My money's on the GCN version since it was the system TP was originally designed for and Link is left handed there, which he has always been (minus SS of course). I could be wrong but that's just my argument.

  • Hyrule's Shadow

    I knew that somehow Skyward Sword was the first game (timeline) because of the Hylian crest. I noticed there was no triforce and only the shape under so at the end of Skyward Sword, Link and Zelda stay on the surface to protect the Triforce and therefore the triforce was added to the loftwing symbol. I do agree thought that it makes no sense if the Temple of time was right next to Hyrule castle in Oot and in the desert before? Guess there was a little misunderstanding in the translation.

    • ZeldaGurl_

      They're not saying it's the same exact temple as the one within the desert. It just bears the same name.

    • heroofmasks

      to be fair the temple of time in the deserts not going to be called the temple of time anymore do to the fact that the time ate was destroyed

    • Vonter

      The sealed grounds are very similar in what area refers, to the temple of time of Oot. I suppose Hyrule was built in the area of the SS forest area. The temple desert's gate was destroyed after all.

  • pokemega32

    The timeline was translated by a number of people. It would be nice if you credited all of them instead of acting like GlitterBerri did the whole thing.

    • GuildedBlood

      fixed! Thank you for pointing that out.

  • Ziggy

    Maybe the temple of time in SS got torn down and rebuilt in OoT…? Obviously. And probably all of Castle Town in OoT was torn down or a tragedy hit, and so they had to rebuild Castle Town again, hence the realignment of Castle Town in Twilight Princess. And dealing with the Master Sword, the sages just probably moved it to wherever the recent temple of time is. Or a new hero Link (new Zelda game in the future) had the master sword, and Castle Town got destroyed, so a new Castle Town was rebuilt with a Temple of Time where Link then puts the Master Sword to rest.

    • pokemega32

      The book says that the Sealed Temple is in the same location as the second Temple of Time.

  • ZeldaGurl_

    What intrigues me is what happened to all the other forms of life throughout the ages? The Gorons remained, heck, even the Deku! But what about the Kikwi, Mogmas, and the others? And also, the Zoras? Surely, the Zoars must have done something major to earn the trust of the Royal family. When would they be introduced? I hope this gap in the bridge can be filled in the coming games. Although it is a bit of work to go back and try to fill the missing puzzle pieces after the fact of the made games, I think Nintendo has the full ability to do so, and I know they can do so beautifully.

    Overall, thanks to everyone for the translations! A bit sad to not have an English version of the book, but I'm just glad we can break some of the barriers and get to see the secrets within the makings of the Zelda games. Nintendo never ceases to amaze me.

    • Anon

      I think the Kikwi's evolved into the Kokiri's, and those octopus/fish-things evolved into the Zora's…

      The Mogma's maybe died out?

      • Anon


        I want a new game with the Kokiri, Zoras, and Gorons all in one game -___- Zoras always get the shit end of the stick.

  • Karadom

    It would be nice of someone made a blog or wiki dedicated to making a Hyrule Histroria compendium, seeing as it probably won't come to the U.S., and it's a pain to search through the news of all of these fansites for news about it.

    • bastian

      Glitterberri's website has all of the English translations. If you're looking for a website to host scans of the book with the images edited to show the English translations… one such website existed but rumor is it was sent a C&D by Nintendo.

    • ZeldaNut

      Check out: zeldanut.com/historia

  • veeronic

    aside from being built from the sealed temple, ocarina of time already told us everything else you just mentioned about the temple of time.

  • Ben

    Unfortunately there are still some things that have to be translated… There are missing sections on pages 68, 119, 120, 121, 133, 134 and 135.
    But anyway, awesome work, folks!

  • chris

    is this book even going to come out in english

  • Sanity's_Theif

    I love learning all this stuff about the series, more fun than reading schoolbooks… I'm sick of school

  • ChainofTermina

    what I don't seem to get is, that backstory in TP, the one about Midna's ancestors trying to steal the Triforce and being banished to the Twilight Realm, when did that happen? did it happen before or After SS? did it happen before all this? It seemed like that little event was left out of this "official Time line"

    • heroofmasks

      it would happen after seeing as ss is the first game and the triforce was just discovered in ss not forget thats when the master sword was made

      • I'd say that it happened after SS but before Ocarina of Time. At least that's the impression I got.

  • veeronic

    hold on a minute… they already translated the era of the hero of time as ocarina, the era of chaos is a blank spot below skyward sword.

  • !CJ!

    TP comes after OoT. in the adult time line castle town was torn appart in Gannons rule. it's easy to say the same thing happend in the child time line but for a different reason. that being one other than gannons rule since gannon was temporrarily stoped and sealed in the twilight realm. the ruins in the lost woods in TP don't look like those of a lost city, sure, but when you go back in time you see that the temple is much like the one in OoT. and if the doors weren't sealed you'd probably see what castle town from OoT looked like AFTER OoT in the child timeline. and that would probably line up more with what the ruins look like just as the ruins around the master sword look like this temple.

  • I'm curious about the original Temple of Time in what will become the Gerudo Desert. What was its purpose there? Why does it have the Hylian royal family crest if it hasn't been created yet? Would love it if that could be explained, haha.

    • Soulless Creature

      The roal crest was based on the temple of time symble thing (I think), and… Zelda was brought back in time by Impa, maybe it was Zelda's idea. 🙂

  • Haroune

    It's amazing when things about Zelda start to clear up!