Ever wondered what Twilight Princess may have looked like with different concept art? Well, we do, too. Thankfully Hyrule Historia provides us a look at all the concept art from Twilight Princess. Our friends over at Legends Alliance have scanned and uploaded the Twilight Princess’ concept art for our viewing pleasure.

Check it out after the jump.

As for the Twilight Princess scans, a fellow who goes by the username of Snow, has graciously uploaded the first half of the scans. He is actually almost done with scanning and uploading the entire book, and remember if you see him to thank him! We should expect more soon, but for now, they are all right here for your viewing pleasure now.






Tell us what you think of what could have potentially been Twilight Princess!

 Source: Legends Alliance (via Nintendo Everything)


  • Link and Cuccos

    I will be getting mine soon in February! I got it before it sold out! 😀

    Can't wait to see all the awesome artwork from SS and TP in person especially!

    • Carlos S

      wooow that's so cool!!! may I ask how you did it? I understand its in yens right? I want one but don't know how to buy it like that, it would be great if you could help me 😀

      • Link and Cuccos

        It was partially using the Google translator when I got to the Amazon Japan page, and then for the rest that were untranslated, I kinda' guessed what each button/link was. And then it's just inputting your credit card info. It's not too hard actually, but there's a walkthrough here that I found AFTER I bought the book, LOL. Wished I saw this earlier:

  • Gamma

    Wow, I'm slow. By some of Shad's concept art, I just got that he was a reference to the pirate Mako in WW…

  • veeronic

    hmm… hope that tribal looking ganondorf is used eventually.

  • ChainofTermina

    The concept that actually used for Ilia doesn't look as good as some of the ones shown here. I see some that look a lot better than what they went with.

    • TheMaverickk

      Some look better, but they don't look Zelda like at all…. they gotta make sure that the style of the entire game matches up, and that's why you didn't get some of the more exciting and extreme designs.

      • ChainofTermina

        Some look better and like they belong in Zelda. the one on the very bottom, second from the right looks awesome, I wish they'd went with that one. I can see some one who looks like that in a Zelda game. the very bottom left most two (which I believe are the same head , just at different angles) look good too, in fact that one looks a little bit like Saria….

  • I really link the ganondorf one too .. I would love that style

  • veeronic

    also the cross-eyed auru is hilarious to me for some reason

  • EchoSierra120

    Did anyone else notice the female armor design for the Hero's Shade? Makes me wonder what they were planning to do with that.

  • JayMuffin

    Woah. They had other Sheikah intended for the game at one point. And male ones at that.

    • TheGrave

      Either that or Impaz was originally intended to be a male character.

  • MDH

    I really like Auru's modern-ish outfit now that we get a closer look at it. And heh, the concept artists seem to have made an extra effort for Telma…

  • Eddy

    Page 8 is a broken link

    • GuildedBlood

      should be fixed now…

      • Eddy

        Hmm. Still isn't working

  • Fareti

    The fairy on the last page is amazing. I would love to see that in a future game.

  • Ashmic

    they finally actually have ganon sketches, i never saw those b4, he looks amazing

  • Ashmic

    i love all the japanese styles too, they should make one

  • Jean D'eau

    Some of the Zelda and Ilia sketches look better than the final concept art! Although for me that's not too difficult, I think both of them lack of… I don't know… grace?

  • Roji

    Haha I Love/Hate the cheesy names you guys give to your news posts sometimes, ZU xD
    That's all in a positive sense of course

  • Ryan

    anyone else think Telma looks like Queen Latifah? Spitting image of her, imo.

    • NasiDe

      Telma has darker red hair, but I see what you mean.

  • Rick420

    Whoa! sheik was going to be in the game????

  • wish they went with that ganondorf design on the upper right. it's more similar to OoT's, and i like that. amazing concepts of the other characters!

    • Rick420

      Lol that design looks nothing like the dorky looking big ear ganondorf from oot. However i do admit that the design in the upper right corner should have been the final decision on his design in TP

  • Hurpfry

    With this extremely low resolution? Yeah, I do wonder, but I guess I won’t know.