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Zelda II:  The Adventure of Link is often known as the “black sheep” of the Zelda series, but it is actually a vital foundation in establishing the lore seen in many future games.  The Triforce of Courage was introduced, the concept of Ganon returning from the dead was first used, and Dark Link made his first appearance, as well.  Thanks to GlitterBerri, her network of translators, and their dedicated translating of Hyrule Historia’s Japanese text, we now know yet another vital piece of information concerning the game’s backstory.  Just who was the mysterious wizard who put Zelda in an enchanted sleep and was working so hard to discover the secrets of the Triforce?  Read on to finally discover the secret.

The story of The Adventure of Link says that each King of Hyrule utilized the Triforce to maintain order and prosperity in the land.  He would then pass on the Triforce to his son, the Prince and soon-to-be King.  One generation, though, the King chose to pass on his gift to his daughter, the Princess Zelda, who he deemed as having a more just heart and greater aptitude than her brother.  The Prince then summoned a wizard who put Zelda in a long sleep until a hero could awaken her.  Impa tasked Link with defeating the monsters of the land who were all working to revive Ganon (who, of course, had been slain in the previous game, The Legend of Zelda).

The following information is revealed in Patas’s translation from Hyrule Historia on GlitterBerri’s site:

“[The wizard] was close to the young king.  He spent all his energy casting the spell on Princess Zelda and died right after that.  Given his persistence in discovering the secret of the Triforce, it is thought that his true identity may have been one of Ganon’s alter egos, just like the dark wizard Agahnim, or that he was under Ganon’s command.”

A Hylian Sleeping Beauty

Now fans know that which many have already been theorizing for decades–that the wizard was actually an alter ego of Ganon, or at least one of his minions.  Considering where Zelda II is placed in the timeline, it’s no surprise that, by that point, Ganon had begun taking precautions to ensure that he could be brought back to life (a demon king of thieves can only die so many times before it starts to get on his nerves, after all).

How does this new piece of lore change your perception of The Adventure of Link:  is it an eye opening surprise, or has this just confirmed what you’ve known all along?

Source:  GlitterBerri
  • I always wondered why men of noble birth weren't shown, but this confirms they have been in the lines of the Royal Family; just not where we could ever encounter a prince.

  • Name

    That pretty much confirmed what I always thought. But good to know! I would love for them to make the next game a sequel to Adventure of Link. I think that this is an interesting part of the timeline, one that they really haven't explored since this game came out. It would be cool to go back to the roots of the series.. even though by the timeline this game holds the most current events.

  • Ashmic

    so basically the prince was a selfish baby? lol

  • Xosgni

    That sounds a lot like what happened with Midna and Zant.

    • theZeldaElite

      Please don't feed the fanboys new theories!

  • theZeldaElite

    I always thought the princess was put to sleep millenias before the game started, can someone fill me in? and The wizard being Ganon's alter ego makes sense, i mean he king of looks like Agahnim.

    • Yes, it was "ages" before. After defeating Ganon in LoZ, Link, a few years later at age sixteen, saw a strange mark appear on his hand (the Triforce marking). He went to Impa, a wise old woman, for advice. She then took him to the North Castle, and unlocked a secret chamber which contained the sleeping Zelda.

      The Prince had put his sister in there to protect her, following the curse put on her by the wizard. He was actually very upset about this–the Prince never wanted to hurt his sister, just take her power.

      One way that always helps me keep the characters straight: The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link both contain the SAME Link, but they contain DIFFERENT Zeldas. Basically, while the events of the first game were going on, the sleeping Zelda was still locked in the room, doing, what else, sleeping.

      Hope this clears things up for you! ^_^

      • Soulless Creature

        Two godesses (did I spell that right… nevermind) at the same time, what? I'm confused. The only thing I'm thinking is did Ganon mess up big time and get the wrong princess or was time gate (The odd masive time cog thing from Skyward Sword) used.

        • Who said anything about two goddesses? Ganon didn't "get the wrong princess," and the "time gate" has nothing to do with this. The Princess from Zelda II is simply much older than Link and the Princess from The Legend of Zelda, since she's been sleeping for ages. Basically: she was put under a spell and went to sleep. The Legend of Zelda happened. Zelda II happened. She woke up. Simple as that. (;

          • Soulless Creature

            Two Zeldas, Zelda is the goddess reborn, Ganon (Demise) wants to destroy Link and the Goddess, Skyward Sword, two of the same person at the same time, not right, does not compute, my head hurts, somebody explain this to me I am confused.

          • Edge

            Wow, people are quick to thumb-down other people on this site!


            I think his point is that if all Zeldas are reincarnations of Hylia, then technically, there are not only 2 Princess Zeldas (the one from the first game and her ancestor in the second) co-existing in Hyrule, but consequently two reincarnations of Princess Hylia also coexisting, unless one of the two Zeldas is in fact not a reincarnation of Hylia.

      • theZeldaElite

        Thanks, that was my theory all along, it's just that I never clocked TAoL and I don't know the theories that well yet.

  • Zachattack8888

    Cool stuff we got here. :O

  • Dionne Ortiz

    I can honestly say I can’t believe this one plays an important role…

  • Sanguiluna

    So does that mean that Ganon does indeed survive at the end of the Oracle games? He's resurrected, is defeated but NOT KILLED by Link in the Linked Game ending, then at some point between then and LoZ he has the Wizard curse Princess Zelda.

    • theZeldaElite

      My theory is that he was reincarnated again between the events of Oracle of Seasons and Ages/Link's Awakening, He just reappears casually again in LoZ with no knowledge or vengeance against Link, but he always seems to find a link to the triforce for some reason, it kinda makes sense as it happened with Ganondorf in between TP/FSA.