The Nintendo 64 box art said “Only Available for…” but that’s progressively becoming less and less true. Nintendo is re-releasing Majora’s Mask on the Virtual Console… again. The wonderful game from the year 2000 and the sequel to what many consider the best Zelda game ever is now available at a nice price to Club Nintendo Members for no charge but member points.

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Nintendo is having a special deal on Majora’s Mask. For just 150 coins this game can be available to any member of Club Nintendo. As amazing as this deal sounds, there is a downside. The game is only available for download until January 31. Another major plus to the game is that it doesn’t require a GameCube controller to play, rather it can be played both on the GameCube controller and the Classic Controller. So if you’ve been looking for something to put your Club Nintendo points to while waiting for the Zelda posters, this may be a deal for you.

Source: Club Nintendo

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  • fiercedeityfan

    I have it and I think they smoothed it over a little or something cause it looks way better on the virtual console thing than it does on the gamecube, and n64.

    • HyruleWeirdo

      I have the OoT Mazter Quest and it seems to play better than the original. So you're probably right.

  • I would get it but I already downloaded it on my wii a year ago 😛

  • zerandomguy

    I already have zelda collector's edition 😛

  • Typhoon

    USA only? ):
    I checked the Wii shop on my PAL Wii and saw Majora's Mask for the usual 1000 points.

    • As far as I know, this is a NA-only deal, and it ends at the close of the month. Also, as Doyle mentioned below, you would have to log onto the Club Nintendo website for Nintendo of Europe and see if they are offering MM there. It would not show up in the WSC.

      Sorry, non-US/Canadian Wii-ers (lolwut)! I know it sucks. Hey, at least you guys got the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack on your Club Nintendo! 😛 (We're only getting it now as part of the Wii bundle…after most of us have already gotten Wiis.)

  • link

    Can you get it for the 3ds? please answer to Link5159

    • Um…uh…no. No, you can't. There are no N64 Virtual Console games available for the 3DS. Not in North America, not in Europe, not in Australia, and not in Japan. Your only hope of getting MM on the 3DS is for it to be remade. So go support Operation Moonfall if you really want MM for 3DS. 😉

  • Pyt

    Dammit, why don't I live in the U.S…

  • Doyle

    You wont see that price in the nintendo wii shopping channel. go to club nintendo on your computer and look for it there.

  • So I got this game on Friday the 13th (and I still have 350 Coins!), and it's already given me a nightmare. In other words…it's great! If a video game gives me a nightmare, there's something amazing happening. Unless it involves Twilight Princess and spiders. Then there's just the arachnophobia that TP gave me. Hey, I wonder what phobia MM will give me. Selenophobia (fear of the moon)?

  • occultfan

    :le rage:

    I mean, this might be my favorite Zelda. Until we start talking about Link's Awakening.
    Oh god I love this game.

    Of course, I already own it.

    I have it on 64, on the collector's edition, and on wii.

    lame lame lame, but I'm happy for others who get it for 'free'. :3
    enjoy all. this one is a thriller.

    I wonder if Nintendo really might reward our loyalty, if they offer a free game, which we've bought. Call it … 'ambassador's program', or something…

  • hormeinKamph

    totally downloaded!…even though I already have it for the gamecube.

  • prada

    They seem to fixed some stuff in it… like Tatl's wings arn't visible through her body (or maybe I'm thinking of Navi), and the colors seem to more vivid, o saturated… and things like the fancy designs on the walls in clocktown seem to be more pronounced…

    • hormeinKamph

      it looks awesome-er

  • Prada

    Ooh and the lighting/shadows seem to be better too, and I think they added the ability to uberquickly skip dialogue boxes