Fan translator GlitterBerri has been ever so kind as to translate a new interesting bit of information for us straight out of Hyrule Historia, the bible of Zelda, revealing that the World of The Ocean King from Phantom Hourglass is indeed not part of Hyrule. It is likely, however, that the world was created by the same goddesses of Hyrule as quoted here after the jump.

“The Tragedy of the World of the Ocean King

Since the waters watched over by the Ocean King were rich with life force, a source of power, the evil phantom Bellum targeted them in order to absorb that force. The spirits of power and wisdom were sealed, but the spirit of courage and the Ocean King were able to escape to an island using alter egos.

This is a different world from the one Tetra and her friends live in, but the crests of the three great goddesses of Hyrule can be found in the Temple of the Ocean King. Because of that, it’s very likely that the World of the Ocean King was created by the same goddesses.”

The word is still out whether Oshus, the Wind Fish, and Levias are the same being, however, it seems unlikely now that Oshus is Levias or The Wind Fish as his existence remained purely in the Realm of the Ocean King and the fact that Oshus was water bound because he was an actual whale and cannot fly.

What do you think about this development in the timeline? Does it further any of your theories or hinder them? Let us know in the comment section!

Source: Glitterberri