Fan translator GlitterBerri has been ever so kind as to translate a new interesting bit of information for us straight out of Hyrule Historia, the bible of Zelda, revealing that the World of The Ocean King from Phantom Hourglass is indeed not part of Hyrule. It is likely, however, that the world was created by the same goddesses of Hyrule as quoted here after the jump.

“The Tragedy of the World of the Ocean King

Since the waters watched over by the Ocean King were rich with life force, a source of power, the evil phantom Bellum targeted them in order to absorb that force. The spirits of power and wisdom were sealed, but the spirit of courage and the Ocean King were able to escape to an island using alter egos.

This is a different world from the one Tetra and her friends live in, but the crests of the three great goddesses of Hyrule can be found in the Temple of the Ocean King. Because of that, itโ€™s very likely that the World of the Ocean King was created by the same goddesses.”

The word is still out whether Oshus, the Wind Fish, and Levias are the same being, however, it seems unlikely now that Oshus is Levias or The Wind Fish as his existence remained purely in the Realm of the Ocean King and the fact that Oshus was water bound because he was an actual whale and cannot fly.

What do you think about this development in the timeline? Does it further any of your theories or hinder them? Let us know in the comment section!

Source: Glitterberri

  • Jarmihi

    Very interesting! I never thought that it was the same place, though. That story chronicles the adventure from Hyrule to what would be called New Hyrule.

  • somecrazyguy

    to be honest, i actually thought they were the same place as termina :S remember, termina was also made (accidently) by the goddesess. maybe the four giants are the local dieties the goddesses put in place, and maybe the ocean king is also one of these? in any case, i view both termina and the realm of the ocean king kinda like hyrule's narnia…. where it has its own time and everything. thats why in termina, no matter how many timeline splits you get from it, it wont affect hyrule's timeline. and also with the PH link and tetra are only in the realm for 10 minutes of hyrule time, but there it felt like forever. the same can be said of termina. when link crosses the doorway to termina, he meets up with skull kid again, and skull kid informs him that he got rid of epona… really? that fast? that didnt take long… and epona is far away from link by the time he gets into termina. my guess? skull kid landed in termina a much longer time before link got there, although for link, it felt like a few seconds. its also interesting that skull kid happenes to run into link as link falls down the "portal" maybe the skull kid has just killed off the deku scrub? anyways, thats what i think.

    • veeronic

      … that was the deku butler's son…
      and accidentally?

      different time rate however, sure

  • Coop

    Speaking of crazy things like that, listen to this: I just finished playing through Twilight Princess for the (however many) times. But after I defeated Zant in the twilight world, I went behind that throne chair that is in that room, and at the top of the chair, I found something surprising… It was a certain symbol…. Zelda theorists may not have thought of this connection… If you don't believe me, go back to where I described and look for it. If you're too lazy, i'll tell you. It was an eye! Not just an ordinary eye. It looks exactly like the eye that the Sheikah use for their symbol!!! Could the Sheikah have something to do with the Twili???

    • Jay

      It's a common theory that the Twili were a sect of the Sheikah that turned on the others and betrayed the Royal family in order to try and take power.

  • occultfan

    GlitterBerri is proving herself to be
    a valuable asset to all of us.
    She's quite the catch.

    thanks, Glitterberri,
    for all of your hard work.
    keep it up!

    • bastian

      She absolutely has been. We all appreciate all her hard work getting these otherwise Japanese-only tidbits to us. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • You can count on it! Patas is the one that submitted this translation, however. ๐Ÿ™‚ All credit for the revelations in the above post goes to her.

    • occultfan

      All right!

      Thank you, Patas!
      You guys can form a superteam.
      A demure duo of holy heroines,
      saving the west from ignorance
      and deprivation from cool all
      things Zelda.


  • Mcarchive

    I was always confused by this as I wondered why their world was flooded too…but I guess it makes sense now.

  • Sanguiluna

    I've always just assumed that the entire Zelda universe, including the non-Hyrulean places, was created by the three goddesses. It's just that the Hylians are like the "chosen people" of the gods and Hyrule is like their Jerusalem, since they were the ones the gods entrusted with the Triforce, and their King is the only one who can truly claim to be descended from an actual goddess.

  • Personally, I believe all whale-beings are the same, including Jabu-Jabu and Jabun, but different forms are taken every few centuries or so.

    • Probably, these gods may rejuvenate or reincarnate themselves in order to maintain themselves for eternity and it would explain why they look a little different in each of their appearances, rebirth may force them to like "reset" in both appearance and mind.

      • Jay

        Sorry, but this is clearly not the case. The only ones that are at all likely to be the same are Jabu-jabu and Jabun.

  • CJ!

    I now think that the world of the ocean king could…nah wait, never mind. I was gunna say that when Hyrule flooded, so did tremania and all the other lands around, and that the Ocean Kings ocean was the flooded tremainia. but now I don't think so.that woukd be inteesting though. and yah I think Levias is the wind fish.
    but the ocean king is jabun take a new form after a century because the ocean wasa dealling with bellun durring the time of WW so he couldn't have been in the Hyrulian sea protecting the water orb. which reminds me that I think that forest haven is the old great tree from OoT. that or he became (which was the kokiri home untill invaded by monsters.. and also resembles the inside structure of the old great tree) the forsaken forest. the current great tree in WW was the great sappling in OoTs adult time. oh wow I'm getting so meny ideas. I'll justcontinue this on the forum.

  • TheGrave

    I wonder what the World of the Ocean King was like before the flood? Holodrum maybe? Labrynna? I doubt it, but it would be interesting to have a Zelda game take place in the WotOK before it was flooded and get a little backstory on it, especially the Cobble Kingdom, which seem to have based around the carpenters from various games.

  • So that means that there are now 4 confirmed worlds, Hyrule, Termina, the Twilight Realm and the World of the Ocean King… again this tetraforce thing comes to mind (unless the Twilight Realm is just a small pocket dimension located in-between worlds and is just a shadow of Hyrule)… anyway could this mean that like the 3 goddesses and the Triforce there are three worlds? Each representing one of the 3 holy elements? Courage, Wisdom and Power? If so which realm represents which element? And could these worlds have some greater significance to the Triforce and the stability of their reality…?

    On a speculative note, I personally think its: Hyrule (Courage), Termina (Power) and World of the Ocean King (Wisdom).

    • That's a good point, I never thought about it that way… ^-^

    • Jay

      Mate, you left out Holodrum and Labrynna *facepalm* as such, I doubt your theory…

      • Alfonzo

        Indeed, everyone always leaves those places out.

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