Our trusty Japanese translator–GlitterBerri–has recently posted new information from the Hyrule Historia book about how the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto and his team created the Legend of Zelda series. We’ve heard that “Zelda” comes from the name of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife, but we now have even more details about the how and why.

Miyamoto states that he was always going to call the series “The Legend of X,” but he didn’t seem to have a perfect idea what word the “X” could be. Their planner and public relations person suggested they do a storybook of the game, including that the princess should be a beauty appealing to all men. The planner also mentioned to Miyamoto that American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife–Zelda–was renown for her eternal beauty.

Upon considering the storybook and the name of the princess, Miyamoto says:

“I had no interest in such a book project, but I loved the name Zelda, so I asked him if we could only keep the name and he said it was OK. And so, the title of ‘The Legend of Zelda’ was born.”

Also revealed was the reason for the hero’s name. Miyamoto says “Link” was picked to give a description of someone who connects. Impa, Zelda’s guardian, had her name chosen from the verb which means “to impart.” Impa, Zelda, and Link were the three “original guardians of the Triforce,” whereas because of the events of Ocarina of Time, Ganon replaced Impa. The first Ganon was not a guardian but was looking for the Triforce, according to Miyamoto.

Mr. Miyamoto says he is very impressed with how Link has gone from mere pixels to a fully displayed realistic figure with “fearless and heroic” looks. He’s enjoying the way the series is going and is looking forward to what the future titles have in store.

Miyamoto finishes his statement saying as long as fans continue to enjoy the series and the world it brings to them, then he will continue to develop more Zelda titles for the latest Nintendo hardware.

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Source: GlitterBerri