The weekly poll used to be a fairly regular feature here at Zelda Universe, but lately we have been having issues with everyone being able to successfully vote, which has delayed our attempts at making the poll weekly again. What we will be doing instead (at least for now) is a weekly poll conducted via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Facebook has a poll feature which allows the official Zelda Universe Facebook page to conduct a poll, and to make the poll more interactive than usual, we will be re-tweeting a few of the interesting or funny responses to the poll directed to us on Twitter.

This week’s question can be found here, and any responses can be sent to @ZeldaUniverse on Twitter.

  • Guest

    cannot compare any.

  • Instead of moving the polls to social networking services I stay away from, why can't you just fix the polling system on-site? I am one of the probably-many who hasn't been able to vote in that thing in at least a year.

    • Cody

      If I could just magically fix the poll right away this post wouldn't be here, would it? ;P It will get fixed at some point, but for now it's better to have a weekly poll through ZU social media than no poll at all.

      • S'pose you're right. Fair enough. Just don't forget about it! 😉

  • Each Zelda game is too diverse and has satisfactory aspects of their own for me to call any my favorite. But I'm loving Skyward Sword. The motion controls are a tremendous contributor to gameplay, the characters are refreshing, and the music fluid with its surroundings. One of the most well-developed titles, IMO.

    • Guest

      I agree. The Zelda games are all wonderful and all different, I can't compare them and pick a favorite.

  • In the absence of the on-site poll, I'll just put my opinion here. Is SS my new favorite Zelda game? I don't know yet. It's competing against TP, which is not only my favorite Zelda game, it is also my favorite video game of all time. So if SS were to become my new favorite Zelda game, it would also become my new favorite video game. Which is likely. I did finish the game on New Year's Eve (at 8:14 PM EST! Yes, I recorded it!), but when a game is a contender for a top spot in my mental list of amazing games, it takes a while to process. And now I sound like a computer. Like Fi!

    "Master, there is a 70% chance that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will become EzloSpirit's new favorite video game in the near future." Priceless.

    I can confirm at this point that SS's soundtrack is my new favorite soundtrack, effectively beating out TP's soundtrack, which I still hold dear to my heart. Ghirahim's battle theme is also now officially in my top-10 all-time greatest battle themes. It is by far one of the catchiest pieces of VGM I have ever heard. That, and the music for Puppet Ganon's second form in WW. Actually, there's this one part in Ghirahim's theme that, when I sing it, I find myself transitioning into Puppet Ganon's second theme. Weird, man. (and the latter also appeared in a Google Music Instant Mix I made centered around the former! How coincidental!)

    • San

      Nintendo has been known to recycle Zelda music, so it is possible that part of Puppet Ganon's part 2 theme is part of Ghirahim's theme. For example, Stallord in TP's theme is the same as the Dodongo/Volvagia theme from OoT with a bit of TP boss theme mixed in. Windfall Island is also a remix of Kakariko Village.

  • MrDudeyRock

    Nope, I loved The Wind Waker and always will. Best Zelda game in my opinion. Then, it's OoT.

    • No Ma'am

      Those are the two worst!

      TP, MM, and SS FTW!

      • guest


      • MrDudeyRock

        Well that may be your opinion, so I don't really care..

  • Ezluke

    I don't have Twitter or Facebook, so I'm just gonna say here… Skyward Sword is (one of) my favorite Zelda game(s)! It ties with Twilight Princess and The Minish Cap. I can't decide which is better between the three.
    I agree with EzloSpirit–Skyward Sword has the best soundtrack. =) It narrowly beats out Twilight Princess's soundtrack for me, also! =D

    • prada

      what!!! you like the twilight princess and SS soundtrack over OoT soundtrack ?! is that even possible?! is it possible to put those words in that order?

      • Ezluke

        Yep… OoT soundtrack is great, but doesn't match up to either of those. Sorry you feel differently. o_o

  • San

    I hated Skyward Sword. Fi is ten times worse than Navi in terms of annoying sidekick. The puzzles are way to easy, and the plot is left wanting. One boss practically killed itself.(Scaldera) I also had to re-calibrate the motion controls ever few minutes. By the end of the game I wanted to throw my sword into a fiery mountain because of Fi alone. I did find something to like about SS though, Groose.

    TP and WW are my favorites when it comes to boss fights. These two had some of the best boss fight mechanics in the Zeldaverse. Koloktos from SS was fun, but it was the only decent boss fight. Demise seems hard until you get his rhythm down.

    Music goes to OoT, MM, and TP. OoT and MM made the hero's musical instrument useful. In SS you're strumming a harp like a derp. Granted there's some rhythm matching involved, but it doesn't have the same satisfaction as actually playing the notes to Nocturne of Shadow or Song of Healing.

    Playability probably goes any game that uses the classic controller. Nintendo still hasn't worked out the kinks with the motion controller. SS had great potential with it, but re-calibrating the cursor ever few minutes got old fast.

    Sidekicks: MM with Tattl. She at least had a personality.

    Difficulty: Hands down that goes to Adventure of Link. That probably wasn't fair. XD

    Items: Everyone is a winner here. Each game had a unique item that I found memorable and fun to use. In MM it was the bomb mask, in TP it was the disc, and in SS it was the beetle.

    I know I didn't mention the pre-64 games.(with the exception of AoL) Link to the Past has a special place in my heart. It was the first Zelda game I ever played. Link's Awakening was fun. I haven't played the Oracle games yet. I have them, but I don't have a compatible system to play them on.

    • San

      I like that I got a thumbs down because I disliked something that a majority of the commentators seem to like. This is supposed to be an opinion. It is okay to disagree with someone. I at least stated why I dislike/like what I do, and so so without attacking anyone else's right to like or dislike something.

      In short, I find these thumbs up/down things to be pointless in the matter of an opinion based question.

      • MrDudeyRock

        You sir, are a genius!

        • San

          I am actually a lady. XD

          But, don't let the boobs fool you. In real life, I play a mean video game. I also draw and write. (

          P.s. Another thing I did like about SS. The ability to faceplant on landing.(depending on what zone you were landing in.) XD

  • Gwydion

    Also don't much use Facebook, so I'll just answer here too. In short, no, it is not my new favorite Zelda. In fact, it's not even top 3 – settles in nicely at number 4. While I enjoy the direction the series is going and I by no means find it to be a BAD Zelda game (just typing that seems silly!), it managed to frustrate me a bit too much. Some of the controls didn't work so well (stabbing, throwing bombs when I was trying to roll them, etc), I hated the Silent Realm, and fighting The Imprisoned three times was three times too many, for me. It's a fun game, but admittedly it's not fun enough to knock out my top 3, which were all challenging but rarely (if ever) frustrating.

  • cloverplayer

    SS = so far so good 🙂

  • Gerudude

    Since SS turned out to be a, for me, perfect blend of WW and TP with a bit of OoT.
    Yes, it has surpassed TP as my new favourite Zelda.

  • kkk

    Not really, Majora's Mask will forever hold the crown place in my heart, Skyward Sword was a very good game, though.

    • hormeinKamph

      yes!I agree (but I don't like your name)

  • Siaarn

    Why the hell is Skyward Sword getting such good reviews? I'm up to Tentalus and I want to vomit in Nintendo's face, they've turned it into an effing Mario game. I was expecting something like the Giant Octorok from Wind Waker, but instead I get this hideous piece of shit. Zelda is my favourite game series, and so far, this is the first Zelda game I don't like, sadface.

  • Sam

    I really like Skyward Sword 😀