The remains of a proud anti-Link.

What you see above are the shattered remains of none other than Dark Link, the antithesis of the Hero of Time, from Ocarina of Time.  A few months ago, JusDBerube received his much anticipated Dark Link figurine from First 4 Figures.  Unfortunately, its head was broken upon arrival, meaning that the wires which should have enabled the eyes to glow were severed.  He contacted the company, and was told that he would receive a replacement in the mail–as soon as he destroyed the original.  If you have to destroy a figurine of Dark Link, as any Zelda fan knows, you might as well have some fun with it!  Hit the jump to see the video in which he smashes this famed Zelda villain with a “Megaton” hammer.

Despite being told in the video that it had to be done to receive a replacement figurine,  several viewers disapproved of the way in which Dark Link was destroyed.  However, seeing as the Megaton hammer is actually a very effective weapon against Dark Link in the Water Temple battle, it seems both appropriate and, well, pretty darn cool.  This is truly the best form of anger management for the devoted Zelda fan.  What’s your take on this thrilling and heartbreaking video?

Source:  YouTube (via GoNintendo).