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GlitterBerri and her team have been working non-stop translating every page of Hyrule Historia for all Zelda fans to enjoy, and now have translated pages 138–148, revealing some concept art for the various titles in the Legend of Zelda.

Concept art ranging from A Link to the Past to Ocarina of Time are now translated, showing more in-depth information about the characters and what the team were planning during the development stages of each major Zelda title.

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Ganondorf concept art

Princess Zelda concept art

Storyboard game plans

Miscellaneous Zelda concept scenes

More of the pages can be found in the source links! Only some minor Japanese handwriting has yet to be translated in the lastest uploads.

Source: GlitterBerri, Zeldanut

  • Blizzeta93

    YES!! I Suppose this is as close as we are going to get to an official translation.

  • ss213

    Zelda fans are awesome!! it looks so good!!

  • I really love how sketches bring out the conception of the character.

    • Craig

      I did media studies and drama and it just shows how amazing Nintendo are at conveying ever minor detail in terms of the world and it's characters, within what they can work with. Not only that but the fact that they use certain art styles that give a certain feel in such an amazing way that most don't understand or appreciate – e.g. The pale, painterly, cave painting-like styles of Skyward Sword resembling an ancient journey and story of old times – giving hints of how in reality, the cavemen being the first humans used to communicate visually and not only that but ancient famous painters too.

  • Anon

    Wow, is that a child version of Impa?