Hey guys!  With Hyrule Historia released last month, a lot of the “mythos and chronology” of the Legend of Zelda series has finally been put to rest.  As fans, we finally have a much better understanding of how the series flows and when the games actually take place.

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With that said, we wanted to make a video representation of the timeline for those who like that sort of thing!  It’s a four part video starting with Skyward Sword and then the three part split (Adult, Child, and Defeat) that occurs during Ocarina of Time.  We also had fun with the thumbnails on the video.  All four videos create one large image 🙂

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  • somecrazyguy

    now that i think of it, the real only in game moment that could be considered a defeat of link is in AoL. if you get a game over, the game states that gannon returns. OoT this doesnt happen, it just says you get a game over… what is nintendo thinking??? oh well… whatever.

    • somecrazyguy

      and i totally just spelt ganon with two ns…

      • Carty

        actually ganon was orginally spelt with two n's in the legend of the zelda so that can be correct. you can check it out on the zelda pedia page, http://zelda.wikia.com/wiki/Gannon

    • Craig

      I don't think you get it… The Timeline itself is based on story alone, not gameplay. Of course, in a game, if you die – you can't exactly be sent all the way to start again… otherwise the game would be pointless. In terms of storyline and realism, Link can die and this explores what happens if he does die in the final battle. The reason adventure of Link says that is because the story of the game is that they're trying to resurrect Ganon, whereas the other games have Ganon already being alive and unsealed. Plus, The Adventure of Link is the final game in that defeated Timeline, as far as we can tell – there's not much that can be done after it now.

  • April

    Wow, nicely done! Thanks!

  • EraZ3712

    Actually, I think Nintendo did something absolutely wonderful which no other had dared to do. And I think they did it perfectly.

    The timing of the Split is crucial. One may argue, "What if Link (SS) failed too? Or Vaati succeeded in HIS quest for power?" However, that is NOT where the split occurred.
    Focus on the TIMING of the split, and things begin to fall into place.

    The split occurred after the Hyrule Unification War, during the age of the Hyrule Kingdom, the rise of the Hero of Time, and the most crucial part:

    During the Ten Years of Silence between Young Link and Adult Link, the Sacred Realm was taken over by Ganondorf. THIS is the crucial moment defining the timeline.

    How could the Dark World have existed if Ganondorf had not conquered the Sacred Realm? How could the Sages have sealed Ganondorf into the Twilight realm if it did not yet exist? And why would the Goddess's flood the land of Hyrule to rid the evildoings of the people if Hyrule itself did not yet exist?

    Nintendo used Ocarina of Time as the pinacle, the keystone, and the climax holding the entire timeline together. Had the split occurred anytime prior or after the events of OoT, it would completely destroy any links (no pun intended) to the latter Zelda timelines, and we would in no way appreciate their "official" timeline had they done so. Instead, they have finally presented to the community THE amazing Timeline people had worked so hard to discover, and they are met with scorners, ingratitude, and mutters of the disappointed.

    I think Nintendo took a breath of courage, used their power of incredible game development, and with more than a bit of wisdom and their knowledge of the world of Zelda they were creating, created the most amazing Timeline I've ever seen in a video game story history. If you have anything to say about it, go ahead. But I praise Nintendo for their hard work and excellent job at creating this Timeline.

    • NasiDe

      'During the Ten Years of Silence between Young Link and Adult Link'
      The should be seven years, I believe.

  • GuildedBlood

    awesome! Now if we just knew why…

  • Sahasrala!

    I'm afraid to watch. Is it gunna spoil anything from skyward sword? I'm still playing it!

    • stvian

      No spoiler at all, if you have started the game you know what it tells you in the video.

    • No, you're safe.

  • While I will never come to terms with the placement of FSA, CCM did an outstanding job with this. I am impressed.

  • XOrdinary

    What no one really realizes is that THERE ISN'T A THIRD SPLIT!! Like, there's obviously a split between Child and Adult Link in OoT, where Adult Link defeats Ganon and then disappears, wheras Child Link warns the Royal Family about Ganondorf, Sages fail to kill him, so they seal him away, etc. BUT, there was never a third split for a POSSIBLE failure, you know?? Does ANYONE understand? The only other time any Link traveled through time was in Majora's Mask, and that was the same Link, and the split occured any time Link used the Song of Time in Termina instead of defeating Majora.

    • Craig

      Why are people like you so blind to how it works? The timeline is PURELY STORY, gameplay doesn't have any effect over it, other than some weaponary inconsistencies for gamplay's sake. In GAMEPLAY, you can start from a certain point because otherwise, the game is pointless to play and tedious. In terms of STORY, Link does die when you hit that point and realistically storywise, it's totally possible.

  • Craig

    I would have liked to see more detail and explanation… Like how Link is sent back to the past, creating a dimensional split and the future world without the Hero of Time. I would also have liked it to explain he was searching for Navi and that he fell into Termina and in the defeated timeline – I would have liked them to say the Goddesses sent Link to those 2 lands as a Trial of the Triforce that would result in him preventing Ganon's return… Then make it clear that he fell into the Wind Fish's dream. There's a lot more it could have done but nice presentation 🙂