Skyward Sword prequel manga

The Japanese-only manga prequel to Skyward Sword is getting a fan translation by GlitterBerri, known for her recent translation of the infamous official Zelda timeline from Hyrule Historia. She’s been hard at work translating the fantastic new manga.

Want a taste?

SS prequel manga page 1

Skyward Sword prequel manga page 2

Skyward Sword prequel manga page 3

Skyward Sword prequel manga page 4

Skyward Sword preview manga page 5

Skyward Sword prequel manga page 6

Skyward Sword prequel manga page 7

Be sure to check out GlitterBerri’s site for forthcoming pages from this fantastic manga.

Source: GlitterBerri

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  • Acostar62

    why doesn't america get this stuff
    and first

    • Brian

      Because, Japan makes the stuff, of cource its going to get it first

  • bastian

    I think the reason why manga isn't usually distributed outside of America is because practically EVERYONE in Japan reads it, but only a small niche read it outside of Japan. In Japan, manga is on par with regular novels.

    • ChainofTermina

      that's because Japan is awesome.

    • lol

      You sure? Not only does Kinokuniya in Sydney have a ton of copies of each Zelda manga, even my local comic book store has a fair few as well. I used to think they were hard to find but perhaps not?

    • Miku

      IDK have you actually been to Japan? There are many people who consider manga and anime for 'otakus' or just aren't interested in it. I certainly wouldn't say they're on par with books and novels over here.

    • Uhhh no they don't. lol It's as Miku says. There are more fans there, like how there are more American comic readers in the US compared to Japan, but that's it.

  • Nen desharu

    Canada is next after the United States. It depends on when the United States get it before Canada gets it.

  • TriforceofCourage

    wait, so there was a Link before the Skyward Sword Link? And he fought in the war against the demons before Hylia lifted the humans up to the sky? That's what it looks like.

    • bastian

      Well… in the manga. Keep in mind that manga adaptions are not really considered canon.

    • NintendoKnight1

      The only in-game evidence of this is Zelda saying that Hylia gave her chosen hero a sailcloth.

      However, every mention of "chosen hero" for the rest of the game always refers to Link (you) directly, not some prehistoric hero.

      Demise himself even mentions that Link (you) stands out as a one of a kind. All the other humans he saw were cowards, would flee at a mere glimpse of him, and he never thought there would ever be a human who wished to face Demise in a battle.

      So the canon of this manga is already questioned.

      • Craig

        It doesn't say anywhere that Hylia gave any hero a sailcloth… Where did you get that from? You've got mixed up somewhere there…

        • bastian

          In the game, Zelda says that "the Goddess gave her chosen hero" a sailcloth.

        • NekoBoy012

          No, you got mixed up 😛 Zelda says it when she gives you the Sailcloth.

          • JapaNeeSee

            Zelda directly states that the goddess gave a sailcloth to her chosen hero. It's in the beginning of the game, during the Wing Ceremony right after Link retrieves the statuette. She's pretty blunt about it, she wasn't referring to Link, she was referring to HYLIA'S chosen hero, in HER time. Unless the dialogue is different in other English-speaking countries, or you're playing it in a different language, then yes, this is what she said. It is also implied in several other parts of the game that there was a chosen hero before Link. And even if you don't infer it that way, think about it. Think about the fact that Zelda is reincarnated from Hylia and that Demise was around in that time. The reincarnation cycle started with the Goddess, the Hero, and the Demon King, and continues to progress this way for most of the series. Hylia and Demise were the first incarnations of their roles, it doesn't seem right if the Hero follows the cycle if his first incarnation wasn't for another lifetime and thousands of years. Get what I'm sayin'?

          • iketrueblade

            At the end of the manga, the Goddess Hylia gives up her immortality to be reborn with the Hero Link after he is fatally wounded and dies. It also shows that Hylia took the land that would be known as Skyloft and used her power to send it airborne along with its peoples. Hylia states that she had never met anyone who loved her land as much as she did until she met Link, and that's why she gave her immortality up.
            I personally would love to see this story made into a game.

    • Link and Cuccos

      Most likely, this Link is reborn as SS Link in Skyloft, just as Hylia is reborn/reincarnated as Zelda.

      In the beginning, you see a young child Link looking up at the sky wondering why he feels sad and nostalgic. This is most likely him subconsciously remembering his past life as his last memories was of him sending the land up into the sky while he could only stay on the surface and watch everyone leave. Also, when link meets his Crimson Loftwing, there's an immediate connection between them. This is most likely referencing their previous time together when they fought in the past life, which explains why young Link can immediately bond with the bird in the current time.

      So, it's still the same Link.

      • DARK LINK


        • IncarnateZelda97

          I'm hoping that was just a joke, but if not, allow me to clarify for you. The young Link was representing his childhood. The older Link on the surface was young Link's past life, when the war first raged across Hyrule.

          • iketrueblade

            technically it wasn't Hyrule until after the events of Skyward Sword, at that point in time it was known as the land of Hylia

  • Blinx360

    I WANT TO READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    Shhiiiiittt…. This Link looks WAY MORE BAD ASS… Just saying!

  • isha

    young Link in SS looks like Link in WW

  • Soeroah

    I hope this is canonical, if it's a hint at the SS backstory. Link looks awesome.

  • JoseReborn

    This does look badass

  • Sanguiluna

    Was anyone else but me reminded of Gray Fox's epic "A cornered fox is more dangerous than a jackal!" quote when they read Link's line at the very top?

  • link5050

    XD i need more XD

  • "But if you wake the lion…He will bare his fangs."

    The dialogue in this is amazing, and the end of the scans kept me on edge. I can't wait to delve back into this story. It felt, somehow, like I was starting Skyward Sword again, but with a fresh perspective.

  • o0Zelda0o

    XD I need this manga! When will the scans be released online? Anyone know?

  • mcdude910

    Am I the only one wondering if this is official? I'm not sure. I don't know if this is part of the already ten-part series, or Nintendo, themselves. I'm starting to think it's not part of the same series because of the usual lack of colour. Can someone get back to me on this?

    • Link and Cuccos

      Nintendo approved this project, and the manga artists work closely with Eiji when they do the manga. However, the manga is still considered non-canon.

      • JapaNeeSee

        I think they're asking if it's by Akira Himekawa. I heard on Glitterberri's site that it is.

  • Elizabeth

    And a hint of a dark, promising story…
    I’m eager to read the whole manga!
    My compliments to the translator! 😉

  • Ulises


    OMG!! Link actually dies at the end of the manga, just after sending skyloft to the skies with the help of the Master Sword. Then the godess cried all over him and maybe that's when she decides to reincarnate as a mortal, I dont really know since it's japanese. Still this is very, very epic.

  • Renma

    aren't they past lovers or something?



    • ijuin

      The 2 Links do not live at the same time–Link gets reincarnated as always. The adult Link lives during the war against Demise before Hylia lifts Skyloft to the clouds. The child Link is the one from Skyward Sword.

  • ZeroBlade77

    Holy crap… They really stepped up their game on this one!
    Definitely getting it if it’s released in America.

  • avert_from_the_norm

    all i ask is you post where this can be bought and when. other than that, i'm good.

  • Lots of americans read japan, 310+ mill there's plenty of 'nerds' in that populace! Come on Japan! $

  • char

    haha I can see little groose right under the word “Yahoo!”
    this is just amazing though, I must get it or I will die

  • Sarah

    That manga looks like it makes no sense…but still, the art is good. I'll probably read it.

    • iketrueblade

      why doesn't it make sense?

  • thomas

    Why was Link imprisoned?

    • iketrueblade

      Link was imprisoned form some 'misunderstanding' but isn't entirely clear.
      From what I can gather from reading the full comic, Lord Dabianis decieved Link in some way which somehow leads to Link's imprisonment. At the same time, Link knew about the Demon King's approach and tried to warn everyone but was imprisoned regardless because they "had no need for a powerful hero."

  • Kristen

    Can't wait for this manga! When it's released in America I going to be the first to get it! I just LOVE Legend of Zelda!! <3

  • JapaNeeSee

    I absolutely adore Akira Himekawa's manga adaptations of Zelda games. If they made Legend of Zelda movies, they would have to be based on the manga. Because we all know that if they were based directly off the games, they wouldn't really work as movies, you know? The mangas make enough changes so that they work perfectly as stories on their own(not as video games) but not enough changes to affect the main storyline. I cannot WAIT for this manga to come out in English. If you haven't read Akira Himekawa's other 10 Zelda mangas that have already been released in English, you really must. They are amazing, and you won't be disappointed. They actually give you a deeper appreciation of the characters. Like in the Phantom Hourglass one, I fell even MORE in love with Linebeck(yes, I'm one of those girls). Even though their elaborations on his character were totally non-canon, it was still very interesting and intense.

    And for the people who seem confused, I think the Link shown here was the original Chosen Hero of Hylia's time. Considering this is supposedly a prequel to Skyward Sword, I think this is about all we can conclude.

  • Natasha

    When is Finland gonna have it? I want it too :C I'm looking for more information (and translated pages) from that manga all the time!! I've read all ten mangas from Akira and translated them to my sis. WANNA THAT MANGA!! But why was Link imprisoned? I doesn't make any sense though… But I love first and second pages<3 Link is so cute! And as Kristen I love Zelda too<33
    #But yeah, when is Finland gonna have it? Anybody knows? (Yeah, I'm Finn) 😛

  • Natasha

    When is Finland gonna have it? I want it too :C I'm looking for more information (and translated pages) from that manga all the time!! I've read all ten mangas from Akira and translated them to my sis. WANNA THAT MANGA!! But why was Link imprisoned? I doesn't make any sense though… But I love first and second pages<3 Link is so cute! And as Kristen I love Zelda too<33

  • Natasha

    whoops xD I wrote that twice 😛 Sorry guys

  • Emily

    it’s not on glitterberri so I can’t read it x-x

  • Linka

    Wow…. I didn’t know about this until YESTERDAY and I find that Link’s past self is totally f***ing epic! Link might not remember his past life, but he has an uncanny resemblance to his past self. Past Link is epically badass.

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  • I love speculation, but I honestly cannot think of any logical changes. Whatever it is, it will be something at least partially unexpected.