Hello there Universe! This is the first of hopefully many Melpomene Tuesdays, where I talk about various issues relating to Zelda.

Today’s topic is whether there should be a female Link! You can watch the video after the jump.

  • The idea of a female Link is so foreign to us. I've actually seen several cosplays here where Link was played by a girl. But the issue of seeing a female Link in a game is a quite different aspect. After 25 years of the male Link, would people accept the female version just as easily?

    Well, so long as she was given the characteristics of Link I don't see a problem with it. I'd just want her to be utterly compatible with the player, same as the male Link.

  • Ashmic

    Im a feminist 100% but no, no female link he is the HERO, it suits him to be male

    • o.o

      "I am a feminist 100% but heroes/main characters are meant to be male" isn't feminist at all. Sorry to tell you but women are in the military and do things like run countries and are also able to do other brave non-knitting related things, such as saving people.

      You can be against having a female link, but not for the reason of "heroes are meant to be male"

      • RedBearLuX

        …That wasn't at all what they said, you use quote marks yet change what they said… they said LINK isn't meant to be female. And that he is a HERO as that signifies male, where as HEROINE is for a female.

        • o.o

          They said that they "LINK isn't meant to be female" BECAUSE he is the hero. It has nothing to do with the semantics of the word "hero" – the specific word "hero" is not important to the games or the character, just the idea that he IS one.

      • ChainofTermina

        yeah, I think what Ashmic meant was that if Link was a girl, she wouldn't be called a hero, she would be a Heroine. you know…….the female word for Hero?

      • lootic

        You mean THAT many women have escaped from their kitchens, gosh, where is the world going?

  • robotortoise

    A female Link would freak me out.

    Simple. That would mean there's a PRINCE ZELDA.

    • not necessarily ;D

      • robotortoise

        Hm. I guess Link (et?) could just rescue Princess Zelda out of FREINDSHIP, but that would be kind of…… I don't know, too much?

    • memino

      Or a lesbian zelda 😉

  • kaepora21

    If you remove the feminism aspect, making Link a female is similar to making him a midget, or 200 pounds heavier. A lock of hair moved here and a tweak of tunic tone there are minor changes that maintain Link's persona. Some changes to appearance, however, are so distorting that it negatively impacts the appearance of the hero who Link actually is.

    Creating a female Link in official canon would be akin to turning him into a Goron or Zora. Sure, there is nothing inherently wrong with the idea, but it twists Link's identity into something unidentifiable. Toward that end it makes little sense because the result would not actually be Link, but rather some other character entirely.

    • Cody

      The change of appearance from WW Link to TP Link was far more startling than the difference between SS Link and a female SS Link would be. The Zelda series has survived many wild form changes.

  • Fatrat92

    Why? You don't fix something that's not broken. Link being a male may not have made the industry successful for 25 years, but it is who we have grown to know. Making him a female would be like making a different game as he as been the playable character for all this time.

    Whether it is a matter of sexism of favoring one gender over the other, I refer you to Princess Zelda. Which is probably a bigger role considering it is "The Legend of Zelda". Would you change her to Prince Zelda? Know as it would be the same game even though it is a simple switch of genitals.

    Look at Super Mario Bros. In the original you have the choice of being either Mario or Luigi. Changing Luigi to the primary character would be a simple change of texture color, but it would not be the same.

    In my opinion if they wanted to make a Link a female they would of, and it may have been just as successful, but making any alterations to a game franchise 25 years strong would be a very risky move as The Legend of Zelda has grown its roots with the characters that they have.

    • Cody

      But Link isn't one person who we have grown to know, he's like 15 characters of wildly different ages and shapes and hair colours. Having one of them be female might spark a bit of controversy before the game is release, but it's not going to change how much people enjoy the game any more than, say, WW Link. As long as she has the gear and is called Link and is destined to save Hyrule, well, then she's Link just as much as any of the others.

      • Fatrat92

        Obviously he is not the same one person, but his persona has always been the same. If you follow the timeline it does involve numerous amounts of different "Link's", but nothing so far to change the entirety of who is he. I am not saying that the game would be any worse, or any better, but as I said why change something that seems to work. And having Link as who he is works for the game.

      • Waker of Time

        Sorry , but it does make a difference whether Link is a female or male (which he is). Think of Skyward Sword (it now sets the whole story in motion 25 years latter IRL) Zelda even states ONLY Link the chosen HERO not heroine by the goddess "Hylia" aka Zelda can weild the master sword and fight Demise and his incarnations (Ganondorf and others) so if Link was a female that would go agains't what the story says. Only the goddess's chosen HERO (who will always be reincarnated as a male) since she does in fact love him (Link) So just except it Link is a male :p

      • Link to the Present

        What do you mean wildly different hair colors? I only see two brown, and blond. Also one of the reasons the couldn't make Link blond if the first two Zelda games is because the didn't have the right color pigment technology for the 8-bit games so you excuse if lame

  • Lucius Optimus

    …………………Sorry, but no way!

  • Sakume

    I've cosplayed this before. I was "Linkera". This was years ago. I think the idea would be fine with me, but Nintendo will never go for it. Why? Because Link has been male for what, 25 years? Really doubt they'd shake up such a formula now.

  • veeronic

    would be no more shocking than wind waker if you ask me…

    its always a different link you know, so therefore any others we have yet to see could very well be female… or made some already are… need I mention samus… hehe… this also in no way suggests a male zelda because it is already dictated by the story that the princess will always be named zelda, while there is nothing that binds link to a specific gender.

  • I would like to see how Nintendo would handle a female Link. I can see how it would be a problem adjusting, but I feel that a female Link could work just as well as a male Link.

    • Waker of Time

      That's Link saying Metriod would work if Samus was a guy or if Mario & Luigi were twin sisters names Maria & Luigia (which are real names btw). Or if Peach and Zelda were Princes named Prince Apricot & Prince Zeldo. I mean come on people do fix something that ain't broken. I like the series the way it is. I like Zelda being a Princess as Link being her perlis warrior, and Ganondorf/Ganon being the King of dou..er I mean evil lol. Instead of Making Link a female why not make Zelda more involved with the story or even a playbale character just don't change Link to a female it goes agains't the whole sotry especially Skyward Sword which DOES explain why Zelda is who she is and Link who is even Demise and his incarnations (Ganondorf and other) who he is over the course of the series. So no Link being female.

      • Waker of Time

        That's "Like" not Link lol

      • Waker of Time

        I meant "don't fix what ain't broken" and Zelda is who she is while Link is who is he. Even
        Ganondorf is who he is (the trio of three their destinies intertwined forever…sadly (at least for Ganondorf lol)

  • Mystogan

    female link is epic fail sorry!!!

    • Waker of Time

      Do you watch Fairy Tail the anime? Mystogan comes from that lol

  • Linksoer

    I'm againts it. Link has been established to be a guy in all of his games. We know him as an icon and regconise that his is male.
    Ik this is the case, then why not ask to make Samus a guy? or Mario female? etc etc. Just leave them the same sex they were created.

    • veeronic

      1 samus, 1 mario, there are over a dozen links.

  • A female Link doesn't really bother me. I mean, if you want to get technical about things, Skyward Sword established that Link would only need to have the "spirit" of the hero, and spirit has no bearing on whether you are male or female. Changing Link into a female would not necessarily mean that Zelda would be genderbent either, as most seem to assume. But if they did, the result would be a amusing, I think.

    However, I tend to agree with Mel that if we want a female playable character that Zelda would be the appropriate choice. We've only known Link as a male, and to suddenly make a Linkette, so to speak, seems… well unnecessary. Much like Linksoer said, it would be like making Samus a man or Mario or woman. What would be the point? The only real excuse we would have for Link's change in gender would be the whole "spirit of the hero" thing. In the end, it wouldn't change gameplay or anything like that, but it just seems rather off putting to me. It would be a neat change, but we already have an established female lead in the form of Zelda – and I'd rather see her a playable character than an all new female Link.

    • ijuin

      Given the stuff that Zelda is supposedly doing off-camera during Skyward Sword, it would be interesting to play through the game from her perspective. A Zelda game where we could play through the adventure from the perspectives of both Link and Zelda could have a lot of potential.

  • Twister92

    I wouldn't mind playing as Karane sometime. She's close enough, right?

  • Tera

    Instead of turning Link into a female, why not just have a game starring Zelda (or Zelda as Sheik)?? I'd gladly play it!

    • HyruleWeirdo

      That could work very well. I'd like to see Zelda's training during the 7 years of Ocaria of Time in which Linkk is asleep.

      • Waker of Time

        Yes that would be EPIC and would make sense. Making Link a female doesn't make sense even storywise. I will never except it> I would skip the game sorry, but Link was meant to be who he is. Love Zelda the way she is, but would like it better for her to be more involved with the story and more playable like ST (Spirit Tracks) even if they take it one step at a time. I liked being able to control Zelda in the Phantom Armor Knight suit thing.

  • isha

    What we need is a new female character that has the same attitude as link.. but I love to play as a female for one time.

  • Sanguiluna

    Nintendo could always do with Link what Bioware did with Revan in "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic". I think that's a pretty good solution. That way the ones who want to do a female Link can get what they want while the rest of us are still happy.

  • HyruleWeirdo

    I was against it before, but after I saw Demise talk about Link, Zelda and himself meeting througout time, I like it even less. It proves that each Link shares the same soul and in the games, it is apparent that souls do have genders. Also, he's been a guy about 14 or 15 times now. Theoretically, if he could be incarnated as a girl, we should have seen him as one.

    • Waker of Time

      I 100% agree thank you for stating the obvious which people obviously seem to miss because they're stubborn fools and even worse spoony bards lol

  • kkk

    That idea is stupid. Why would they want a female Link when they already have a female protagonist in Zelda. If they were ever to change to a different character to star the game, I'd prefer Zelda over a female Link a thousand times.

    • Waker of Time

      I would gladly play as Zelda as a main character any day over making Link a female so you so called "fans" go take an arrow to the knee.

    • Waker of Time

      not you kkk just the "fans" who agree with this nonsense. Making Zelda a main character would be less risky than making Link a female (which could end up ruining the series)

  • Twilit_Dragon

    make a female link??? are you trying to kill the series?

    • Waker of Time

      Apparently some so called "fans" are trying to change a series that has worked very well over the past 25 years. Except Link as a guy/male or jsut leave know before I make you take an arrow to the knee!! lol

  • Austin

    i personally think they should just leave him the way he is just because it would be really weird seeing Link as a girl after all these years of him being a guy. And also they have Zelda so why have another girl in the game.

  • Tom

    just no, just no

  • Dark-Phoenix

    what if the choice was between link and dark link, maybe have multiple endings depending on the path you choose.

  • woflsato

    Might hafta go with Reily on this one. All Link really needs is the "spirit of the hero" so genderbending wouldn't be a probably since there's something backing it up. A female Link would be a nice twist if Nintendo can work well with it.

    Now, a female Ganon….well…that's a different story.

  • Jabu

    Maybe something like Super Princess Peach? But with Zelda.

  • Link

    What are you trying to do? Like, seriously man. C'mon. I've saved hyrule so many times already and I haven't failed yet. im not being sexist or anything, but if the hero of the goddesses has always been a male figure like myself, why would they change it? Nothings wrong here. I mean, sure, it might be more awkward for Ganondorf to fight me if I was a girl, but kicking his butt is more satisfying this way.

  • zeroblade77

    The only reasonable outcome for a Zelda game with a female Link would be the option to choose between genders, but then there would be no romantic interacting – because that'd be pretty hard to script.. And I sure as hell don't wanna see a Prince Zelda either!

  • Guest

    …sigh… I just lost a pistachio that was shaped like an ocarina…

  • I completely agree with you Melpo! 😀
    It would be better to choose between Link or Zelda like in Donkey Kong Country 2 we get to choose between Diddie and Dixxie!

  • Zelada

    this is stupid why female link? link has always been a male who gives if its a boy? im a female and im just fine with link being a male infact i like the link being male it should stay that way. Female link? come on lets get serious people. having link be female would just ruin the game not to mention alter many parts to the games

  • Zelada

    i coudl see MAYBE having a zelda game where you get to play the role of zelda herself (grant it is done right ) every now and again, but a female LINK? NO NO NO

    • Zelada

      could* sorry

  • Raxaex

    no no no noooo why they want to ruin something like that!!! thumbs up if link needs to be still a man!!!

  • If Link does get turned into a girl, I’m skipping the game. I’m a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda series, but I will not be included in destroying Link’s dignity. He’s always been known as a hero, not heroine (Hero of Time, Hero of Twilight, Hero of Winds). If Nintendo does make this game, they’re not getting any money from me.
    Sure, I’ve seen artworks of a female Link, but to actually do it? No! Link’s been a male for 25 years! And so many prophecies (Like in Skyward Sword, Hylia says only the “Chosen Hero” not heroine. And plus, saving Zelda would be WAY too awkward.) So, no, I do not think that Link shoul be turned into a girl, leave him alone, you’ve worked on him for 25 years and you’ve finally got it right.
    Don’t destroy Link’s dignity!

  • Morgan


  • Christena Crane

    There is a female Link, it's Zelda:-) if people want to play with a female they should make a game with an option to be her or another character like midna or ruto. Don't mess with Link, he's fine how he is<3 if anything they should be more concerned with graphics, not gender:-)

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