Zelda 12 Days of ChristmasHey, guys!  It is one day until Christmas, and to finish off our countdown series we have gathered a bunch of various YouTubers that have done something Zelda related with their channel and have them be a part of our  “Zelda’s 12 Days of Christmas” song!

This video features many YouTubers, such as the infamous Zelda Universe webmaster Cody!

See the video after the jump!

See if you can guess who else is in the video!

Thanks again, merry Christmas, and you have just been ChrisCrossed!

  • GuildedBlood

    lolwut…but that was actually not a waste of 4 minutes.

  • That was the goofiest conclusion to the 12 Days of Christmas I've ever heard.

    Merry X- or Christmas Eve everybody!

  • ChainofTermina

    that ending kinda scared me.

  • Artey

    NCS's singing voice continues to be glorious.

  • Rriillyy

    Here's my version:
    12 deaths of Ganon
    11 moblins mobbing
    10 hearts a dropping
    9 magic weapons
    8 bombs a bombing
    7 Stalfos Stabbing
    6 Hey! Look! Listens!
    5 Master Swords!
    4 Arrows Piercing
    3 Triforce shards
    2 Deku Nuts
    And A Princess I thought I set free
    (She was in another castle)

  • Hyrule Castle Resident

    A very Zelda christmas… I have been celebrating christmas by playing lots and lots of Zelda! And since I have every game in the main series I figure why the hell not


    This is very funny! I love it!

  • This was awesome. Great job CCM 😀 Really got me in the holiday spirit with this video 🙂

  • Skywolf88

    Please don't mix Zelda with Christmas, for Christmas doesn't take place in Hyrule!!