Hey Guys!  We are not entirely new to Zelda Universe, but this will mark the first post in which we are actually writing an article for the ZU main page!  We have a lot of cool things to show you guys that will be exclusively for ZU within the coming month.  In the meantime, I thought it would be cool to talk a little about a quick series of videos that we have been uploading.

For the past few days, we have been putting up different topic videos to countdown to Christmas.  In every episode we add a different Zelda Ornament to our Zelda Christmas Tree and we discuss various topics from Past, Present, and Future of the Zelda franchise.

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Thanks again, and check back daily, as we will continue to countdown to Christmas, and will have a special video on Christmas Eve!

8 Days till Christmas – Super Smash Bros. WiiU

7 Days till Christmas – Zelda WiiU

You Have Just Been ChrisCrossed!

  • I'm just hoping for a new 3D adventure with the standard Link, Zelda, and possibly a unique villain.

  • Personally, I love the less realistic graphical style of Wind Waker and Skyward Sword. Wind Waker is my favorite game of all time, and just having completed Skyward Sword, I would consider it an equally amazing game. However, the darker, 'grittier' graphics of Twilight Princess have quite an appeal of their own, and one of the best things about Zelda is its ability to flip from cartoon to realism so effortlessly. And from what I've seen of the tech-demo, this would be spectacular for a new game. As far as plot goes… I must say, The Hero of Time got a sequel. The Hero of Winds got a sequel. I think that its time that the hero of Twilight Princess got a sequel. And of a similar sort. This could be the Majora's Mask to Twilight Princess, a game where Link travels beyond the familiar land of Hyrule into a 'deeper', 'darker' tale in another land.

  • As to Super Smash Bros.: From Zelda, I would love to see:

    a.) Byrne, from Spirit Tracks
    b.)'Toon' Zelda/Tetra from Wind Waker. Just as Zelda can become Shiek, why not a Tetra/Zelda?
    c.) 'Toon' Ganondorf: Wind Waker's Ganon with the two swords
    e.) Diff. Links than have been previously used. Perhaps the Link from Skyward Sword and an older Link, like the Link of A Link to the Past

    Additionally, I must note, the Super Smash Bros. series is nearing a point where customization may be practical. Imagine a Link with three or four diff. items to choose, and you can choose either the clawshot, whip, or hookshot. You can choose the Master Sword, Gilded Sword, or Magical Sword, etc. Each item choice could have advantages and disadvantages, and more so than just weight vs. power. Maybe the hookshot has longer range than the clawshot, but you have duel clawshots. Maybe the whip grabs things and can do damage, but doesn't have as much range. Perhaps the Master Sword shoots beams, but the Gilded Sword deals greater damage. The possibilities are nearly endless and this would eliminate the need for additional characters in some cases.

  • Triphoria

    I would love to see a Goron in Smash Bros.

  • HAHAHA now i out cheat the time lost plug in on my computer lol